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Sing life into broken wings, she's coming 2014.

“for the ones who know how powerful we are, who know we can sound the music in the people around us simply by playing our own strings, for the ones who sing life into broken wings…. tonight Saturn is on his knees proposing with all of his 10,000 rings that whatever song we’ve been singing we sing it even more, the world needs us now more than it ever has before…. if you’re handing out flashlights in the dark, start handing out stars…”Andrea Gibson Saturn is an astrological term for the devil.  
Yes I said it.  Saturn is your ego with it's rings of fear and bullshit.
This year, I'm going to bring Saturn to his knees. I'm definitely going to stop handing out flashlights and start handing out stars.  Done and done. I'm not going to apologize for my love ever again  or the drum in my chest that beats for the possibility of an unconditional YES. If I learned anything it's that she's coming and  she whispered gently in my ear that there should be no conditions on love.…

Peace Be With 2013 & I'll C You in The Spring.

Yule, Christmas and end of the year 2013! It makes a girl go all retrospective a minute and I'm about to work through this with you so let's get it on.

The year started off in severe illness. My body failed me pretty harshly or at least let me know what my weaknesses are in the tune of an ER visit and then some. My father had two strokes.
Health and wellness became more than just a tea I aspired to drink.
I even signed up for courses in nutrition that I've yet to finish :(

Beyond any certification, I needed safety, companionship, protection. Hell I craved an emergency contact. So I adopted dogs. One mauled my daughter despite her sweet disposition and love for me.
I turned her over with tears in my eyes somewhat desperate and definitely a bit broken.
The other four legged wonder, well - we sure gave her a good home.
Sophia and I took amazing care of her through obedience school and all the shots and surgeries she needed.  We loved her deeply at every turn.  Even when she …

Lucifer & The Dark War

When there's a buzz that "somethings coming" out in the realm of mystic and psychic, it gets to be overwhelming because specifics or visions, dreams even are so of... charades. And they can be interpreted many ways.  
Personally, I only dream when something bad is going to happen, literally moments before shit will hit the fan.  The first time this occurred for me, was in 2007 when the tsunami hit Thailand.  I dreamt I was trapped in a glass high rise building on a beach with a girl I had known to be dead for at least ten years in the living realm.  We could see enormous waves coming in. One hit it like an earth quake and suddenly people were floating all around.  We climbed every stairway in that glass tower but the water kept coming.  When I woke up, the event had just taken place as I turned on the news.
When New York/New Jersey were hit with the hurricanes I saw Manhattan underwater for almost a week when I would close my eyes so I called my friend who c…


Coming home (back to good old Carbon County)
has been a rip roaring, eye opening, reacquainting adventure in so many forms.
For me personally, it has been a shedding of old self,
ego self, tons of heartbreak and dropping into a comfortability of being uncomfortable
at each and every turn.

And so it goes.
Any opportunity that I get to meet new people
or be of service to someone
who I used to know it lights me up in ways that I'm not sure that
I have a vocabulary to explain. But I am going to try.

This past week was monumental.  I got to marry getting reacquainted with old friends and spirit to which the results where no less than life altering.

Touching divinity in strangers who are 'unsure' of what they believe by connecting them between realms with what I can see and hear is humbling.
More importantly I love that
I get to hold everyone that comes forward at the end!
Hugging is my favorite
(next to smiling and laughing).

Being able assist in sparking
divine questioning …