Monday, December 30, 2013

Sing life into broken wings, she's coming 2014.

“for the ones who know how powerful we are, who know we can sound the music in the people around us simply by playing our own strings, for the ones who sing life into broken wings…. tonight Saturn is on his knees proposing with all of his 10,000 rings that whatever song we’ve been singing we sing it even more, the world needs us now more than it ever has before…. if you’re handing out flashlights in the dark, start handing out stars… Andrea Gibson
Saturn is an astrological term for the devil.  
Yes I said it.  Saturn is your ego with it's rings of fear and bullshit.

This year, I'm going to bring Saturn to his knees.
I'm definitely going to stop handing out flashlights and start handing out stars. 
Done and done.
I'm not going to apologize for my love ever again 
or the drum in my chest that beats for the possibility of an unconditional YES.
If I learned anything it's that she's coming and 
she whispered gently in my ear that there should be no conditions on love.  
If there is they are man made and man is made up of fear and loathing.  
I want nothing of it. I want fearless, fist less love that knows no boundaries or time.

2014.....She's coming.  
2013 was just a run through and the awakening that has begun is going to be louder.  
People's dreams are becoming more vivid and intense.  Some people are noticing sequences in numbers.  My girl Liz DiAlto stated this am in her newsletter  - 
2014 is a 7 Universal year. This means big awakenings, a time go to inward, discover our own and larger truths, and deepen our spiritual and energetic practices.

Still others are seeing shadow people, fairies and things 
they didn't know could exist beyond their own tv sets.  
The aquarian age is upon us.  What you thought you knew 
book wise in any theology will be tested now.  
Perhaps thats why I want so badly to shut off in 
January and keep my business close to my business.
I've heard her for years whisper softly to me, sometimes 
scream that the world is in need of her love. 
She was pushed down into the abyss denied as part of him. 

It is my intention to continue to be  catalyst for a 
revival of the divine feminine in 2014. 
Women in my circle of trust and on my path will know 
that loving themselves first does not embody 
conforming to anyone else's idea of who we are or what we should be, should look like. Embracing our power and falling in love with ourselves is a priority and the work we can do to change LOVE globally from where we stand.

With this, inner Peace is possible.  
Peace is possible.
With ego-less LOVE 
possibility is endless.  

Here's your first star.  
I'll be back with more. 

All my love and a big fat kiss!
Happy New Year.
Mick G

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Peace Be With 2013 & I'll C You in The Spring.

Yule, Christmas and end of the year 2013! It makes a girl go all retrospective a minute and I'm about to work through this with you so let's get it on.

The year started off in severe illness. My body failed me pretty harshly or at least let me know what my weaknesses are in the tune of an ER visit and then some. My father had two strokes.
Health and wellness became more than just a tea I aspired to drink.
I even signed up for courses in nutrition that I've yet to finish :(

Beyond any certification, I needed safety, companionship, protection. Hell I craved an emergency contact. So I adopted dogs. One mauled my daughter despite her sweet disposition and love for me.
I turned her over with tears in my eyes somewhat desperate and definitely a bit broken.
The other four legged wonder, well - we sure gave her a good home.
Sophia and I took amazing care of her through obedience school and all the shots and surgeries she needed.  We loved her deeply at every turn.  Even when she ate my knee high boots, Sophia's beloved stuffed animals and everything else that got in the way when she was experiencing separation anxiety.  Meya will  always be forever be in our hearts. We are happy that she is with her original owners now.

This year Sophia finished pre school. I couldn't have been and still am - now that my little girl is excelling in kindergarden - more proud.  My daughter filmed her first commercial but more importantly is reading on a level that exceeds her peers.  She grew and continues to grow like a weed and she taught me that our laughter and joy is more important than anyone or anything else no matter what.

-=I welcomed a creative artist here for a writing retreat.  That turned out to be one of the worst decisions I ever made in my life.  I was so gung ho on relationships being assignments.  I get it - I really do but the ripple effect of the "miracle of forgiveness" in that still stings.  I understand that everyone is a divine assignment but some things are better left untouched.

One of the most comical things of this past year was - that I started dating again after swearing off anything to do with anything romantic.  I met some really nice people no wait, I've collected some really funny ass stories. I tried online dating for two seconds.  (Throw up in your mouth a little, I still do) ......But online or bumping into prospects right in my shop -  I learned however that I have "this thing" about trying to fit my glittery heart shaped box into squares, or triangles or octagons and that makes me really
puzzles.  I love first and ask questions later.  That's my greatest strength and apparently my most awesomest flaw too.  But I've cut my losses and moved away from bad investments because no matter what, in the end, you've got to find people who LOVE like you do.

Things for a while seemed to be on an upswing.  Business was and is in it's own loving way booming.
With that there is this thing - the locals call - the haters - they continue to follow suit.
In no certain terms did I learn that one's fear and hatred won't even be silenced at a community members funeral and no matter how you try to right your wrongs or just be a good person, there will be someone, handfuls maybe that just wont like you.  You can be flexible for nine months even!! - you can be loving, you can be the sparkly unicorn and hope for the best but  it's a two way street and if theirs (the other person) is a one way then you need to walk for your own sanity.

In 2013 - The C Word became a thing closer to home.
It took out a woman I was close to a long long time ago in a land not so far away.
I was fortunate enough to spend time with Tara and a few other classmates reminding me of days gone by and who I used to aspire to be.
At her viewing her husband asked me who I was and I,
in that moment I wondered
the same damn thing.
Then, what seemed like just a moment later
I had my own dance with the she C devil in her manmade dress.
The overwhelm, the fear, the surgery, the recovery.
All in that time questioning, what does this all mean? I was angry, scared, frustrated and more scared.
I understood and understand the divine feminine just a little bit better these days no thanks to my experience.  I also understand that I'm a really lucky girl.

As the wheel of the year turned, my blood ran thicker than water - especially with family.
This very sensitive situation changed my life forever. I also gained family that I took care of me in my hours of desperation and need. Strangers that came to my aid in the form of neighbor or shaman I am forever grateful.  If anything this year was about falling the F apart and being put back together sometimes in the arms of the unexpected.

This glorious town, the place I call home had it's own earthquake in the form of tragedy.
In it was/is a poetic story of civl servant injustice and heartbreak.
My father's words of wisdom of spilling coke over the crime scene became a reality for me.
I met a medicine man who is healing me in ways I didn't know I needed.
To each tragedy I suppose a silver lining.

And now, here we are knee deep in holiday everything.
Of course I'm a year older, indeed I am also a bit wiser. But this year of bad investments has made me tear off my rose colored glasses and see that I am so very grateful to have recognized where I F'd up along with way.  I F'd UP this year.  I made the decisions to let certain people in my life that had no business taking up any of my time.  I trusted, waited, prayed for and held my heart out on my sleeve - as I always do - big time.  It won't change the core of me.
I will still love and be love.  To sum it up, I made investments that weren't so amazing not even 30% on return.
But it's ok.
It's all ok.
Everything is going to be ok.

There are certain things I will take away from this year that I won't budge on like:
some people are worth so much more than a text message.
I also was taught first hand that we should have NO expectations of others no matter what package they present themselves in and sometimes we should also not even have expectations of ourselves.
The only 100% thing we can possibly do is keep showing up in every moment to the best of our ability and if that means walking away from bad investments or things or people that don't ring true to who we really are or what we really value at the end of the day then that's the best gift you could give to yourself  - ever.

I have tearfully walked away from bad investments I made this year.  I have fallen apart more than once and was lovingly put back together.
I'm chalking it up to life and being human.  You win some you loose a lot.
So be it.

With that said, and with love - I am leaving this place of cyber everything.
I'm taking a break from all that is not where I need to be.
Social media is just one place, I know I don't need to be right now.
My heart and my soul need some mending and to grow and to heal so that I can continue to serve I desperately need quiet.
I need solace.
I need reprieve and books and hot water with lemon and this time and this space for healing.

Looking back, this year wasn't the worst I've endured by a long shot
but it's definitely left it's mark in all the appropriate places.

I'll be seeing you all in the spring.
My chrysalis of transformation awaits.
Happy New Year my loves.
Be good to you. Be true.  Be good t one another.

Peace be with you.
Peace be with me.

Forever and ever - AMEN.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lucifer & The Dark War

When there's a buzz that "somethings coming" out in the realm of mystic and psychic, it gets to be overwhelming because specifics or visions, dreams even are so of... charades. And they can be interpreted many ways.  

Personally, I only dream when something bad is going to happen, literally moments before shit will hit the fan.  The first time this occurred for me, was in 2007 when the tsunami hit Thailand.  I dreamt I was trapped in a glass high rise building on a beach with a girl I had known to be dead for at least ten years in the living realm.  We could see enormous waves coming in. One hit it like an earth quake and suddenly people were floating all around.  We climbed every stairway in that glass tower but the water kept coming.  When I woke up, the event had just taken place as I turned on the news.

When New York/New Jersey were hit with the hurricanes I saw Manhattan underwater for almost a week when I would close my eyes so I called my friend who commutes for work to tell him to leave the city.

Friday morning, I woke up in a state of confusion and panic. Hiking in at Glenn Onoko Falls in my dream, I stuck my hand in the water, the reflection of the Grim Reaper stood mountainous over me.  I ran up the mountain. There were two young children who followed suit.  A gun shot stopped me in place. I turned into a deer.  I hid in the ferns.  Or I saw a deer hiding in the ferns.  
One can never really tell once back in the waking realm. Then I realized I was hit.  I woke up. Later that day, I still couldn't shake the feeling so I called all my loved ones and asked that they protect themselves and pay attention while they were living their life. I also had a sense of panic thinking perhaps, this was a larger sign in this for me.  Maybe my time was/is going to be up.
My girlfriend demanded to know more. While we spoke she said her news feed popped up - there had been a shooting at a school in Colorado. I don't remember the rest of our conversation.
Or the ride home. 

In the waking realm, for me -days before this dream, shadow people have been popping up more than not.  I chalked it up to this time of year because the veil is so thin and many otherworldly energies are walking about.

But I sit and putting the charades in my strange life into place.

Bad dreams, bad feelings = bad things happen.  
When I walk into a home to perform a cleansing and it's not a ghost, if it's something darker I am hit with extrasensory signals that start in the pit of my stomach and land somewhere in the bottom of my throat.  That's when I know to call upon my personal arsenal of angelic protection and surround myself in a 
thick spiritual armor to get the job done. 

The ancient and holy war believed by Catholics and Christians started 
when St. Michael the Archangel tossed Lucifer out of heaven. 
In 2 Corinthians 4:4 Paul identifies the dark one as 
"the god of this world...who has blinded the minds of them which believe not."

Those are interesting and very timely words.

I'm just  going to free form a few thoughts out there 
- take from it what you will. 

Currently there is a feud started by none other than Fox news about the skin color of skin of Jesus.  (oh and Santa Claus too).  
And while we are not paying attention, the dark war erupts and corrupts the light within us.  

Lucifer means "light bearer" and was 
originally an angel of light until he fell from grace.

When reading an article last night about the event in Colorado I couldn't help but hold on to this thought about the shooter:
"He (the shooter) was the last person I would expect to shoot up a high school," 
the fellow high school senior said. "He was honestly incredibly humble and down to earth. He was a little geeky, but in a charming way."

In the words of my mentor and friend Arlene Duggan; 

I rewind to a pagan gathering I attended on the west coast, listening to the priestess 
talk about how the devil didn't exist. Knowing in the pit of my stomach, that was not 100% true.  

And from what I know of everything now, what I've seen and experienced in my own life and witnessed in those who come forward in faith
it's just not possible to think that ONE specific train of thought 
on higher power is the right way of thinking or knowing.  I believe like us on earth, the realm on the other side is also evolving.

So I play my game of charades and take notes and I pull from one theology to marry something in another so that it makes sense for me in the world that is ever changing and unfolding before my eyes each and every day.  It was believed that Lucifer had an extreme jealous hide over God's love for humans...

No matter who you are, where you are or what your doctrine of faith or not,
inside of you is light and dark.
If you do not arm yourself in some kind of faith 
higher than just your dead grandfather 'being there for you' because you 'asked him to' or if you do not act in alignment with doing unto others good deeds so that they will be returned to you
you're in for a surprise or seven when your physical being expires from this earth plane.

Since the end of January 2013, handfuls of my readings/sessions have been a lot less about dead relatives and more about deity or archangel recruiting "spiritual earthly" beings to believe in their own possibility within divinity. 
Deducing from the messages that are filtering through...I'm gonna take a wild stab at it and say that it is because of the Dark vs. Light war -  the ancient conflict that seeps into innocents children's lives, innocent people's lives and rips them from the planet in the blink of a blind eye.  

I'm not saying it's something we can stop 
but we can certainly slow it down or make less spiritual shrapnel by aligning with  Omnipotent peaceful, protective energies that are on the opposite side of hurting or killing innocent people as a religious war objective. 
And maybe that's too forward thinking of me! Maybe innocent lives sometimes can't be spared and that's how Angels are made.  I don't really know. I don't have all the answers.
I'm putting the charades into place as best and as fast as I can as a modern day gal, who sees beyond the veil, with a blog to share the words in which then flow.

Leave a comment, or a prayer or a kind thought below.

Peace, love and protection be with you and your loved ones.   

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Coming home (back to good old Carbon County)
has been a rip roaring, eye opening, reacquainting adventure in so many forms.
For me personally, it has been a shedding of old self,
ego self, tons of heartbreak and dropping into a comfortability of being uncomfortable
at each and every turn.

And so it goes.
Any opportunity that I get to meet new people
or be of service to someone
who I used to know it lights me up in ways that I'm not sure that
I have a vocabulary to explain. But I am going to try.

This past week was monumental.  I got to marry getting reacquainted with old friends and spirit to which the results where no less than life altering.

Touching divinity in strangers who are 'unsure' of what they believe by connecting them between realms with what I can see and hear is humbling.
More importantly I love that
I get to hold everyone that comes forward at the end!
Hugging is my favorite
(next to smiling and laughing).

Being able assist in sparking
divine questioning in a friend who was so certain of his taught and known theological way this past week was life altering. Especially since when he first uncovered that I "did this" or had this 'thang' there was slippery opposition to me as a person and friend.
I felt that because our theological differences were askew that my thing, my beliefs were a 'bad' thing.  So to be understanding, loving even I went to the church where my friend worshiped to understand better his point of view.

Fast forward to this past wednesday. Our friendship blossomed despite a rough beginning as we uncovered that are so very much alike in our search for love and answers that our outside and bigger than ourself as people on this earth, single parents and community members of Jim Thorpe.

I was curious however why he would ask me to travel out of town to 'check something out' with him.

When we arrived at the destination, he asked me to 'walk through' and let him know if I picked up any thing. Disclaimer - he did not tell me where we were going or why.  We were met with his sister and cousin.  I didn't know were were going to have company and I didn't know these other people. So I bit my lip and tuned in my antenna.

I gathered my friend and his family outside the venue after scanning the place to let them all know that we were being greeted by a gentleman who had passed on the property.
The man was confirmed my friends father with the imagery and messages he brought for everyone on site.
My friend explained to me he had found his father who had died of a heart attack in the basement where we were.
I cried too.
Then, unexpectedly - my friends mother also showed up.  His parents were separated long before they both departed this earth. They stood far from one another as to not mince messages or words.

Needless to say it was a tear filled, gut wrenching mind altering experience.
I think for the both of us it was beyond the scope of
what we the people have been taught  in
black and white bible, in my church pew or his.

I think our friendship as it stands is forever solid after this shared experience.  For that I am grateful. But I'm also really thankful that I got to do what I do for someone who was a doubting Thomas at first if you will.  This may go against me stripping away the layers of my ego self or embracing it. I'm not certain.

But regardless of EGO or not - to me personally for what I have seen to date through wide eyes
it was another testament that no matter how much time has past or what we think of the story it is surrounding our loved one's departure
LOVE in all shapes, sizes and forms always remains.

In 2008, I had postpartum depression. It was so severe that I had impending thoughts of doom, daily. "What if I left the stove on an...