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Living With An STD

You may want a glass of wine or a double espresso
to get ready for this early morning over share.

At dinner last night one of my friends  who is recently divorced was throwing his ex wife under the bus.... yet again.   This particular gentleman and I have known each other, grown together and at one time exchanged vows so to speak of taking a bullet for on another should that day ever come.  However, listening to him be so down on love and marriage for the umpteenth time  I had to speak my truth.  "Just because you picked the wrong person once doesn't mean you can't make it better or have better."
I thought this was the most loving, gentle response to his situation.   He can't seem to make his ex wife not wrong (though on so many levels she was).   But knowing him, as his friend for two decades and for a handful of years his confident, it takes/took two to tango.
His response to me was devastating. 
     "Well good luck on your journey.  You really think tha…

28 Things I'm certainly NOT thankful for.

While posting things I was grateful for throughout the month,  I saw snarky e cards poking fun at the fact that Facebook is a place where everyone usually bitches  not brags about what they are grateful for.   It made a good point  and it made me giggle.
Here's a list of things I'm not so grateful for in an attempt to make you do the same (giggle!) Welcome to my dark side. Happy Thanksgiving.

28 Things I'm certainly not thankful for.

1. Girls who wear tights as pants.   What the hell?  Get a hold of yourself. Put a skirt over your ass or just wear jeans.  Just because they are black doesn't mean we can't see your big ole butt through em.  
2. Blue eye shadow.  
3. The word Obamacare.   If I hear it one more time my head is going to explode.
4. Indecisive people.  
5. Scrapple and people who argue that it's "good".  (GROSS!)
6. Redbull and Monster junkies.  Shit is wacked.   It's like drinking nuclear piss.   Drink coffee like the rest of us trying…

Credo - SHE

there comes a time when all rumors and
rhyme start to swirl into something that are unholy.
so it's about tic tock that I lay down the hermetic law on this b
and speak to what this 'cosmic d' is TRUTH all about.

i grew up catholic. in this town - both churches - baptized in one, communion in the other. STRONG.
schooled for twelve years, the fear of God was put in me by my teachers, priests, nuns and my father.
To this day,  I honor - respect and adore many aspects of what I was taught.  Jesus, is my brother and then some.

i became angry with him the minute i realized that historically people created war or acted out in violence and hate in his or his father's name.

when 911 hit, i was 3,000 miles from home. I prayed for a sign that God wouldn't have done such a horrible thing no matter who "HE" belonged to or was worshiped by..or how HE was portrayed in The Ten Commandments. And trust me, I watched the movie every Easter forever and ever......(I still cr…

I'm The Champion Of My Flaws. Don't Censor Me

I hit a wall. A glass one really.
It left blood, dark red blood running down my freckled face.
I didn't recognize my reflection in the mirror for a few days.
My body felt an array of wants and needs in the hours that
followed the incident that would scar my daughter and I.
Finally, I'm feeling back to normal, but I am forever altered.

I fried my computer.  I dumped an entire glass of lemon water on it.
I am without my loving companion for weeks now unable to write through that which I am processing.

I lost a huge chunk of money. 
I'm still healing from surgery and those bills, well, they are rolling in!

I pulled the carpet of red, loving patience out from under a romance I was waiting for months to happen.
In the most casual of arena's I played along and when I was vulnerable and needed a friend I was on the recieving end of nothing being censored once again to speak my truth. I took off my rose colored glasses and smashed them on the floor. I gave my mother and eve…