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I will be light.

For those who have been following along my personal journey of serving the local and global community through my spiritual awakening and saying yes to the gifts the universe has bestowed on me may or may not know that I have adopted the practice of Yoga to allow me to receive more clearly and keep me grounded.  Walking between worlds gets a bit  - well, matrix-y.

Exploring many different kinds such as Hatha,Vinyassa and Bikram has allowed me to think outside my normal box and is not only physically challenging but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Kundalini however is the practice I keep going back to and craving!
Probably because it's so different from all the other practices I have dipped my toes in and has led me to the most amazing breakthroughs on all levels.

Last tuesday, I got some really great news from my Doctor. He confirmed that we eradicated any and all abnormal cells during my biopsy. I cried in delight and couldn't wait to thank my friends & family I had asked for prayers.  In healing I am politely reminded of how precious life is.

I celebrated with a Kundalini class that evening and had yet another major breakthrough.
Letting go of attachment.

We come into this world with nothing and we are leaving with the same.
Sure, if we are blessed with an open casket on our way out of this plane at our funeral-
people may throw in jewelry or parting gifts .....but really,
we can't take them with us whever it is we are going.

There is nothing and no one to bind you to anything but you.
You affirm who and what it is you are attached to.
With that there is something to be said for LOVE and attachment.

You can love a person unconditionally to the end of your days
and release being attached to them by recognizing that their decisions are their own.
By honoring that their life's work, worth and problems have no direct correlation
to you because your work, worth, and problems are your own.

While you may be shaking your head and saying that's impossible
 because your fiance or business partner's life, work, health and decisions directly affects yours
I politely agree but I will also suggest that it's a half truth.

How you process and attach to other people's stuff is all up to you.

I sit and listen to story after story about how people are getting lost in other people's stuff.
They end up forgetting who they are and what they need and what they came here to do in the process.

But getting back to ourselves - free of attachment is totally possible.
How? By realizing that we can healthily remain separate
(even in relationship, friendship or partnership)
by drawing beautiful yet flexible boundaries (just like in yoga!)
We first must figure out what it is we need (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) in order to do this.
Let me also add, that it is not selfish nor is it wrong to do this.
Figuring out what you need and drawing boundaries makes you stronger in your core and able to move about more freely when navigating your own "stuff" as well as others.

But I don't even know what it is I need!  You say.

At the beginning and end of the day, what you need is what makes you happy on a daily basis.
 Big picture may be too much to handle at the moment so stick to daily basis.
And honestly, I'm going to tell you to cut the bullshit and the stories because right now in this moment
you have all the resources you could possibly use to be happy starting with what's in front of you.
Seriously - right in front of you.

Being present to happy and open and grateful for the ability to connect with messages and keep relationships flowing through something so simple as the internet
(yes, i said right here in front of you!)
You need the air you breathe so being grateful for that totally counts!
Of course love and money are most likely on your list. If you don't have what it is you need in either of those departments staying positively positive about what you do have even if it's a little will bring you more.

But we need not get attached to what we have or don't have for it's the feeling of these things, the love, the money, the joy in our morning cup of coffee that is the ONLY thing we truly need to be happy.  The things themselves are an illusion.
The being is what's real. Dig?

I finally get it.  No attachment.  Just being.
Flexible, grateful, aware.

Thank you Joe Longo, Michael Barata & Maya Kowalcyk
for an amazing, powerful celebratory yoga class to allow me to have that most recent breakthrough.
My inner disco ball is shining and I am light!

I want to leave you with some music
to float on as was shared in class and totally vibrates the sentiments today;

I am free of material and physical attachment.
I move freely, happy to be.
I am light.


Mick G


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