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I will be light.

For those who have been following along my personal journey of serving the local and global community through my spiritual awakening and saying yes to the gifts the universe has bestowed on me may or may not know that I have adopted the practice of Yoga to allow me to receive more clearly and keep me grounded.  Walking between worlds gets a bit  - well, matrix-y.

Exploring many different kinds such as Hatha,Vinyassa and Bikram has allowed me to think outside my normal box and is not only physically challenging but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Kundalini however is the practice I keep going back to and craving!
Probably because it's so different from all the other practices I have dipped my toes in and has led me to the most amazing breakthroughs on all levels.

Last tuesday, I got some really great news from my Doctor. He confirmed that we eradicated any and all abnormal cells during my biopsy. I cried in delight and couldn't wait to thank my friends & family I had…