The Waiting Game

The waiting game is never fun.
And so it is.

Healing is a tricky science.
They say the body has the capability to heal itself to which I believe but in the process the body sure can do funny things!

Being wheeled into the OR Monday in the hottest gown,
booties and hat I couldn't have felt more vulnerable.

Today however, I feel like I have a better understanding of what this entire process means.  Unfortunately a lot of the lesson did not feel good
mentally, emotionally or physically.  And I'm certain that the Universe wanted me to ponder on my bed and be still.  This is what Arlene Duggan has always taught me about illness.

Last Sunday I felt alone. Today I feel as if I have been embraced by the universe.
My spidey senses seem to be at an all time high.
Perhaps when I was under the anesthetic the DR. implanted more magic into me!  Perhaps not.  But nothing is coincidental and the Divine Feminine not only screamed at me, she shook me at my core.
I feel death, rebirth and even more possibility dancing around me and I am not hypnotized.
I am aware.
I'm owning parts of me that I have denied because of 'marketing' relativity and well, down right fear.
I am not longer putting to bed any part of my truth no matter what size town I live in or who runs amuck with lip service that doesn't do anyone good.  The truth always comes out in the laundry and your laundry at one part of the week or another needs to be done.

My inner circle has just gotten a little tighter.
The slate is almost clean.
I will no longer hold my tongue for fear that what I am about to say is
unloving because for a long time coming some
tough love needs to pour forth from these reserved lips.
I have stayed faithful to grace way too long it seems.

A statue of the Goddess Kali
was taken from my shop.
And right on time!
It's though I feel as if her spirit stayed and now possesses me and with that, I will dance each day liberated, empowered.

Today I overcome the I-am-the-body idea knowing full well that it is a temporary condition. This waiting game is a temporary condition.

But in it, I am forever changed.

Mick G


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