Stick This In Your Pocket!

I've turned another year older & face some interesting & heavy life news. So I've come up with some principles (in no certain order) that I'm not going to go a day without this year or the remainder of my days. If you're inspired, share or print & stick em in your pocket for some MG love. ~ Loving you always - Mick G.

1. Always treat other people the way you want to be treated.

2. If someone is wearing a name tag, use their name and with a smile.

3. Never, ever judge someone by their looks or their personality because in three months or less you'll figure out the truth.

4. There is never an inappropriate time to tell someone you admire them, care deeply for them or genuinely love them.

5. When it's possible be as expressive, colorful and artistic as you can. 

6. Forgive everyone, even yourself.  Always. matter what!

7. There is absolutely no time like the present and it's not even guaranteed.

8. Peace is the only way.  When in doubt.... insert laughter.

9. Honor your parents, teachers and elders unless they are pointing a gun at your face.

10. Respect yourself enough to know when to say when 
and to know that you are the only person you have to 'deal' with in the morning or the end.

11. You are the CEO of your own health, happiness and story.  So mind YOUR business not anyone else's.

12. Hater's gonna hate because mostly they hate themselves.  
      And honestly it's a cry for more LOVE.  Period.

13. The world needs more LOVE letters.  

                       The End.


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