Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Waiting Game

The waiting game is never fun.
And so it is.

Healing is a tricky science.
They say the body has the capability to heal itself to which I believe but in the process the body sure can do funny things!

Being wheeled into the OR Monday in the hottest gown,
booties and hat I couldn't have felt more vulnerable.

Today however, I feel like I have a better understanding of what this entire process means.  Unfortunately a lot of the lesson did not feel good
mentally, emotionally or physically.  And I'm certain that the Universe wanted me to ponder on my bed and be still.  This is what Arlene Duggan has always taught me about illness.

Last Sunday I felt alone. Today I feel as if I have been embraced by the universe.
My spidey senses seem to be at an all time high.
Perhaps when I was under the anesthetic the DR. implanted more magic into me!  Perhaps not.  But nothing is coincidental and the Divine Feminine not only screamed at me, she shook me at my core.
I feel death, rebirth and even more possibility dancing around me and I am not hypnotized.
I am aware.
I'm owning parts of me that I have denied because of 'marketing' relativity and well, down right fear.
I am not longer putting to bed any part of my truth no matter what size town I live in or who runs amuck with lip service that doesn't do anyone good.  The truth always comes out in the laundry and your laundry at one part of the week or another needs to be done.

My inner circle has just gotten a little tighter.
The slate is almost clean.
I will no longer hold my tongue for fear that what I am about to say is
unloving because for a long time coming some
tough love needs to pour forth from these reserved lips.
I have stayed faithful to grace way too long it seems.

A statue of the Goddess Kali
was taken from my shop.
And right on time!
It's though I feel as if her spirit stayed and now possesses me and with that, I will dance each day liberated, empowered.

Today I overcome the I-am-the-body idea knowing full well that it is a temporary condition. This waiting game is a temporary condition.

But in it, I am forever changed.

Mick G

Monday, September 23, 2013

Under The Knife.

Wellness Weekend has come and gone.
I am tickled at the participation from the sponsors,
the practitioners and event goers. The conversations had, the miracles uncovered, the hearts- opened. Thank you.

Today however is a different tune, my own wellness.  At noon I go under the knife.
I won't disclose any gory details other than this experience
 has shaken me to the core. It brings to the table so much fear, so much uncertainty.
There have been small moments where my ego has been so loud and crazy that it's hard to keep it on a calm, yoga like tip. Prepping for Wellness Weekend and all the hitches and glitches that came along with it made me realize big picture universe wanted me to pay attention to me.
This is not something that comes easy. Especially as a mother, a business owner and someone who tends to LOVE helping others transform past their own fears. The irony!

Being under the knife forces you to reevaluate so much more than what you are doing to or putting into your body it makes you look at all of the who, the what and the why in your life too.  It makes you scream "Why not?"
It makes you thoroughly examine the holes.  The What if's?
It's hard not to think of all these things and when people tell me that everything is going to be fine  and sure I truly want to believe it. I do. I do believe in miracles. I'm witness to them unfold on a weekly basis and hell, I've met some pretty good magicians in my life. But the one thing I don't need right now is people telling me not to be scared.
I am allowed to be.
Anyone is allowed their moment with fear. It's what they choose to do with it. I realized yesterday that I don't want people to tell me that I have nothing to worry about because bottom line  - it's not true. And denying anyone their emotions no matter what they are going through is unnatural.

We are allowed a certain moment shared with doubt, stepping into the dark parts of us and screaming for an answer because I know for a fact - that is where  - it's there, where we find them.

I don't have any of my own answers right now. I won't for a while. I'm half way through a handful of tests and the results so far have been not awesome.

Why am I sharing any of this? Because I want you to know that it's OK to be not OK.
But in your not OK hang on to the people that love you the most, or at least take inventory of those who do and why you love them. You may have to shorten and or lengthen that list.
Count your blessings. All of them. No matter how small they are, they are worth it.
And it's OK to be fearful if at the end of the day you promise yourself it's a temporary lapse of reason and you'll be damned if life will get the best of you not on your terms.

Be well my friends. Be good to yourself,
be good to yourself, be good to yourself.

All my love,

As I wrapped this up - I got a link to Sophia's acting debut.  
I can't help but be proud and not share.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stick This In Your Pocket!

I've turned another year older & face some interesting & heavy life news. So I've come up with some principles (in no certain order) that I'm not going to go a day without this year or the remainder of my days. If you're inspired, share or print & stick em in your pocket for some MG love. ~ Loving you always - Mick G.

1. Always treat other people the way you want to be treated.

2. If someone is wearing a name tag, use their name and with a smile.

3. Never, ever judge someone by their looks or their personality because in three months or less you'll figure out the truth.

4. There is never an inappropriate time to tell someone you admire them, care deeply for them or genuinely love them.

5. When it's possible be as expressive, colorful and artistic as you can. 

6. Forgive everyone, even yourself.  Always. matter what!

7. There is absolutely no time like the present and it's not even guaranteed.

8. Peace is the only way.  When in doubt.... insert laughter.

9. Honor your parents, teachers and elders unless they are pointing a gun at your face.

10. Respect yourself enough to know when to say when 
and to know that you are the only person you have to 'deal' with in the morning or the end.

11. You are the CEO of your own health, happiness and story.  So mind YOUR business not anyone else's.

12. Hater's gonna hate because mostly they hate themselves.  
      And honestly it's a cry for more LOVE.  Period.

13. The world needs more LOVE letters.  

                       The End.

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