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Purify Our Love.

Who am I but you? Purify me. 
Make me love. Make me peace.

Yesterday I participated in my first (ever!)
group prayer outside of a traditional church setting or a yoga workshop.
Yesterday I experienced healing and
intention on a level that was so intense
and so raw, I couldn't help but be moved to tears.

When Melissa Lammy Mondgreen approached me with the concept of a group prayer dedicated to heal our water I jumped at the chance to help her. For me, as a mother, it's important to
facilitate and maintain a safe place for my child,
for our children to live -
to do my part, the best that
I can every step of the way. and yes, I am still learning what the even means!

For me, barely 40,  participating was an
ode to my friends (& myself) who are in conversation with disease and illness because of the toxins and poisons we are putting in our waters, our earth mother (land) in our air and then as a result, naturally, directly into our bodies.

We, the people gathered, smudged ourselves, set intention
and went to work.
In the water and on surrounding land, we chanted, sang, drummed, raised vibration and called in the healing. What happened next for me personally was nothing short of miraculous.
I held a large sea shell of burning sage while standing in the water, chanting with my brothers and sisters (most strangers who I had never met).
While my eyes were closed a pink light came over me, reminded me of an instagram filter really..and then I saw two very large birds flap their wings in this light and I felt ultimate peace.  This was confirmed when the woman next to me screamed "Look at the feather in the water!" I opened my eyes to see my brothers and sisters drumming, smiling and witnessing their sign of confirmation from the spirit.  There were no birds flying above us.

It was bliss.

Our intention was peaceful, prayerful healing.
The intention was universal because our river leads to the
Delaware which leads to the ocean.

We are all connected We are all one.

Which brings me an interesting thing that happened pre-water ceremony.
Nothing I am about to write reflects any member of the Clan of the Holy Stone's opinion or intention. Nor does it stem from anything but my own personal experience of getting the word out and gathering community members to participate in this event.

I volunteered to do a press release to raise awareness. With this came sentiments from local Native American people who were not happy with the words that I chose.  While on site, I also met someone who declared his 'faith' vocally and wanted to remain separate from a religious tradition that was born under the umbrella of his very own beliefs.

This truly saddens me.

Ladies and gentleman,
I don't care if you're Catholic,
Cherokee, Pagan, Wiccan,
Mennonite, Lutheran, Born Again,
Buddhist, Jewish, Atheist or if you believe in Aliens or Unicorns!

It is all semantics at this point.  Labels keep us apart.
Where there is no ultimate acceptance,  there is no grace. Where there is separateness, there is no room for love.  And this, ultimately prevents us from healing ourselves, our communities and our world. It prevents us from being one.

We Are One.    

Why are our hearts not open? Why are we still claiming our own selfish space in spiritual realm?
It is a slippery place where EGO is judgmental and active in fear. This is quite the opposite from the heart chakra being open which is the foundation of any religious teaching, which prohibits PEACE.


I am honored and blessed to have been lucky enough to have been witness and to participate in yesterdays most awesome prayer.

Yesterday has opened me up to want to do more group work, to want to continue to do my work globally and to continue to help others bust through ego's fear and to see, be and feel love.

As always, take what you need, post comments, repost or just leave it.

You are loved. You are blessed. We are one.

Thank you Melissa Lammy Mondgreen, for sharing your gifts with us, your love, your vision no matter where it came from to gather the people of our local community from every walk of life, to come together, to pray for our water and for the waters of the world in which we live.




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