Warning: Don't Be a Living Hyperlink.

Sometimes in a hyper-connected world, messages
become hype, losing the substance of the original message itself.
"We're the most networked society in the history of the world"
says Richard Laermer, author of
Full Frontal PR and 2011; Trendspotting.

"Texting, talking virtually slapping each other's backs, Skyping, tweeting, Ninging, every second telling each other things in some SMSociety.
But when it comes right down to it, we're not actually
substantially connected by any one thing.

We are networking, but not connecting, doing things
so that we can tell others we just did them.
We're living hyperlinks.

 - Fascinate - Sally Hogshead.

There's a matter of speaking truth,  reposting someone else's
truth and living your own life.

Where in this does your truth lie?

We are loosing social interaction and deep human connection because we are making ourselves unavailable to truly listen to our intuition and to others.

Our constant output is making our ego huge, leaving no room for love.  Our stories become so great that there is no black and white anymore.  It's all grey.

Where in this does your truth lie?

Constant tweeting, retweeting and posting makes for a great one sided argument.

Hiding behind technology and the stories we take as truth leave no wiggle room for friendly conversation or debate.  Especially when you are sitting right in front of a living, breathing, loving human being.

Everyone is wrong.  When we are constantly right.
In this, there is no room for love.
Only war.
War within and war without.
Conflict within, conflict about.
Everything but our own truths becomes an illusion.  And it is here where we will continue to remain separate, victimized and alone.

Don't hide behind the hyperlinks.  Come out and live freely among the trees.

And yes, I'm just as guilty.  That's the beauty of it - my own damn admission.
But you've already condemned me.


Mick G


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