Redirecting Rejection & Owning your $%T!

I love helping people reframe some of the stories that they are really stuck on.
Why? Because pessimism is empty and possibility is endless.

If you have been rejected in work, relationship (be it friend or romantic) I'd like to offer this Fairy Godmother type thought: In that experience is your opportunity to be led to what is better, more fitting and more appropriate for you.
You see, you may think that you have a hold on what it is you deeply desire.
You need your friends to act or react to you in a certain way, you need your love life to smell or feel a certain way and well, your job has to go according to your plan or forget it, the world is coming to an end!
But what if what let all of your demands go and really trusted that there is a plan and it's better suited for you?
We are learning and growing in each and every endeavor and experience that shows up. If not, then we are dead!  Life was not made to be boring.  Trust me.  But also trust that in the wild ride (the process) is where we LIVE.  This is where the nectar is, the juice, the good stuff.  The memories are here.  The laughter is somewhere in between too.

So what if you went out on a date and the person decided to run for the hills.
Someone better is coming!
Big deal if you didn't get promoted!
That "side project" idea you've been mulling over for years
is actually your souls calling and in your rejection lies the opportunity for you to try it!  OWN IT!
And if your friends are acting out of alignment and not texting you back or disappearing after always being so needy then see it as an opportunity to love them from afar and stay safe in the quiet zone.

Not everything has to be a headache, or a meltdown.
Our judgements and expectations are keeping us so far away from happy that it's THAT SIMPLE.
We can find time in the quiet time between the wars we wage on ourselves and others to really clean up our side of the street.  Where are we acting out of alignment? Without kindness?

As always you can email me or simply take what you need and leave the rest here.

My love to you and yours always,
Mick G


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