Dear Cancer,


The selection process in WHO you choose to torment
and rip from this earth is no less than gut wrenching.
It never seems to be someone quite horrible and "deserving" which I could
rattle off at least five people that I know of in this category.
But don't take my polite suggestions! I mean apparently you wouldn't.
You're ruthless.
You're a shapeshifting predator and worst of all you're man made!

I know that you know there is a cure.
But I also know that you know that greed and money
and power are wrapped up tightly in your tainted sleeves which now scream industry.
I know you are part of the darkness that seeks to extinguish the light here on the earth plane.

For this reason and for all the people you have claimed
I will do my very best to forgive you, to ask all of my higher
ups to put forgiveness over the madness and
chaos that bring.

Ladies and gentleman,
In my overwhelmed basket of personal emotions,
I invite you to write your own letter to the C word.
please air it out if you will, get it off your chest.
I will hold space here for you in the comments or in email -
then will release this anger, frustration, sadness and madness in a full moon release prayer on Monday.

With love,

I dedicate this blog to
The family, children, friends, caretakers and community
of our beloved
Tara Boyle Mirabella.
May her children grow to know her strength and courage.


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