Counting Blessings

It's hard to imagine being on my
knees with no roof over my daughters head.
It's hard to imagine I've lost a business.
It's hard to imagine my body turning against me,
delivering to me the message of me how wretched physical pain can be.

But those things are now an illusion and nothing compared to the circumstances of some,
a fraction compared to what others are going or have gone
But today, from where I sit, from what I truly know, it's subjective.
I get it now.
Each of our personal, painful blows are test of our will
and how and if we will gracefully choose to co-create.
We can choose to wallow and remain low or we can choose to fly.
And flying to me means soaring with nothing short of a smile.

That's what doves do.  That's what Angels do.

Today along with everyday, I am counting my blessings.
Not just as Grace before dinner, but as I walk my dog and as I sit here typing,
extending those blessings to each and every stranger that enters my home.
Sure it may be unbearably hot and business in the shop may be at a crawl but I have my health and the vibrance, wisdom and humor of my child.
We have a roof over our heads and GOD! do we have song in our hearts!

Ladies and gentleman, if you want to fly...
Laughter is a must on a daily basis.
So are spontaneous dance parties, being flexible and being kind to people who piss you off.
Sometimes chocolate is necessary. As is crying!
Just please, do not becoming caught up in the sadness, the madness, the why or the what could have been.

Sophia and I are here, in heaven;
that which is created by us, on earth.
We have been and will remain PEACE.
We will share our smiles and hello's with strangers because as Sophia says "It's our favorite."
We will always hug trees in the space between.  No looking back and no jumping ahead.

Just being.

I love you.
I love everything about you
whether you love me back to a degree or not.
That does not make me codependant or desperate.
It makes me be that which I have asked God for - at peace.


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