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Warning: Don't Be a Living Hyperlink.

Sometimes in a hyper-connected world, messages
become hype, losing the substance of the original message itself.
"We're the most networked society in the history of the world"
says Richard Laermer, author of
Full Frontal PR and 2011; Trendspotting.

"Texting, talking virtually slapping each other's backs, Skyping, tweeting, Ninging, every second telling each other things in some SMSociety.
But when it comes right down to it, we're not actually
substantially connected by any one thing.

We are networking, but not connecting, doing things
so that we can tell others we just did them.
We're living hyperlinks.

 - Fascinate - Sally Hogshead.

There's a matter of speaking truth,  reposting someone else's
truth and living your own life.

Where in this does your truth lie?

We are loosing social interaction and deep human connection because we are making ourselves unavailable to truly listen to our intuition and to others.

Our constant output is making our ego…

Counting Blessings

It's hard to imagine being on my
knees with no roof over my daughters head.
It's hard to imagine I've lost a business.
It's hard to imagine my body turning against me,
delivering to me the message of me how wretched physical pain can be.

But those things are now an illusion and nothing compared to the circumstances of some,
a fraction compared to what others are going or have gone
But today, from where I sit, from what I truly know, it's subjective.
I get it now.
Each of our personal, painful blows are test of our will
and how and if we will gracefully choose to co-create.
We can choose to wallow and remain low or we can choose to fly.
And flying to me means soaring with nothing short of a smile.

That's what doves do.  That's what Angels do.

Today along with everyday, I am counting my blessings.
Not just as Grace before dinner, but as I walk my dog and as I sit here typing,
extending those blessings to each and every stranger that enters my ho…

Dear Cancer,


The selection process in WHO you choose to torment
and rip from this earth is no less than gut wrenching.
It never seems to be someone quite horrible and "deserving" which I could
rattle off at least five people that I know of in this category.
But don't take my polite suggestions! I mean apparently you wouldn't.
You're ruthless.
You're a shapeshifting predator and worst of all you're man made!

I know that you know there is a cure.
But I also know that you know that greed and money
and power are wrapped up tightly in your tainted sleeves which now scream industry.
I know you are part of the darkness that seeks to extinguish the light here on the earth plane.

For this reason and for all the people you have claimed
I will do my very best to forgive you, to ask all of my higher
ups to put forgiveness over the madness and
chaos that bring.

Ladies and gentleman,
In my overwhelmed basket of personal emotions,
I invite you to write your own letter …

Redirecting Rejection & Owning your $%T!

I love helping people reframe some of the stories that they are really stuck on.
Why? Because pessimism is empty and possibility is endless.

If you have been rejected in work, relationship (be it friend or romantic) I'd like to offer this Fairy Godmother type thought: In that experience is your opportunity to be led to what is better, more fitting and more appropriate for you.
You see, you may think that you have a hold on what it is you deeply desire.
You need your friends to act or react to you in a certain way, you need your love life to smell or feel a certain way and well, your job has to go according to your plan or forget it, the world is coming to an end!
But what if what let all of your demands go and really trusted that there is a plan and it's better suited for you?
We are learning and growing in each and every endeavor and experience that shows up. If not, then we are dead!  Life was not made to be boring.  Trust me.  But also trust that in the wild ride (the pro…

Happy Birthday Witch Wolf!

In November of 2006, I tucked myself away in the foggy
Inner Sunset of San Francisco, typing for hours every day for thirty days. Sometimes until madness really set in.
I clicked away at my lap tops keys while my bedroom constantly shook from the N Judah line stopping right outside my window on ninth ave.  I turned off my phone and my myspace/friendster to ignore pleas of my friends to go dancing, or to happy hour  or out to shows.  The noise outside my window toyed with me.

How the hell was I going to write a book being the social butterfly that I am?

And there were days I longed to see the sun or do anything but write but couldn't bare leaving Mick and her journey.  It was more than time to set her free cause she lived within me long enough.

Fast forward to 2010.  Honestly, hands down, probably one of the most trying years of my entire adult life.  Shit hit the fan in so many ways that there were moments I wasn't sure which end was up.  Searching for answers I grabbed a cop…