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Respectfully Yours......

This weekend was almost a dream.  
Parts of it still feel as if I am floating.
Friday's solstice I took a personal
day to be and celebrate love.

Saturday I met with my fathers family from near and far; 
the Gallagher's and the Boyle's for the annual gathering in town.  
My heart sung to see my cousin from Austin, her mother from Baltimore, 
I witnessed my uncle Jimmy teach Sophia to catch her first fish and was present, 
to share and hear stories of loved ones past on who have come 
to bless us with their sacred knowing when we have needed their presence most. 
I'm sorry I didn't have more time to spend with my tribe because I had to prepare and be of service for my first Dinner With a Psychic at 

Ladies and gentleman, this place is an amazing artistic creation and it has left me beyond full. I'm in disbelief that I hadn't until this very day, 
set foot on the sacred grounds that they politely call a non profit, public garden.  Ah, but when you experience all of the land and it's beauty entirely; it's aromatic flowers, the colorful and peaceful worshipers and volunteers you will be impressed with what can not be taken so lightly it's powerful earth magic.

Today it's business as usual under the super moon.  
My crystals fully cleansed, bathed in the glorious light on my rooftop last night.  My smile wide as I greet handsome strangers in my shop. I sit, typing anxious for a sacred meeting, a healing for my love with the Native American Shaman down the road when I finally turn the sign on the front door to "Thank You For Your Business."

And yes, please a big, huge 
THANK YOU for your business.  
I am so blessed to continue to do what it is that I do.  
As I spoke to the guests having dinner at Stonehedge last night, 
I explained how I left my radio career when I realized 
I'been turning into a radio myself.  The irony! And that when I landed here & teamed up with my beautiful and amazing mentor, I asked God, Goddess and all of those who have gone before me "What's next?"

In that, I learned those words would become part of my service.  
'What would you have me say and to who?'
'Let me be the vessel to which your message is heard.'

With that.... I'd like to say a few words pertaining to the work.
In allowing myself to be present as a vessel for spirit to point 
and deliver message for you and your loved ones, 
I will not and most often do not remember what takes place 
verbally during a session unless I am out of the channeled message 
and speaking from my person.  
Recently I've been approached about "things I've said" that took place in readings months ago.
While I would love to recall the exact moment, I can't. 
I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast this morning to which I politely laugh & say "my mom-nesia" has kicked in.
This is why I strongly encourage you to electronically record our shared space together.  
Another phenomenon that can occur is; someone or something will come forward and the person receiving the reading will not recall this energy.  
This has actually happened to me in a reading I had with my mentor.  
Three weeks later during Xmas eve dinner I shared the experience with my parents and learned the energy, Frank - was my Father's father.    He died when my dad was very young but he was present for me and I couldn't place him.  My mentor calls this instance "psychic amnesia."

On the subject of family, I would like firmly place public intention 
around my daughter, Sophia.  My beautiful saving grace is a mere five years old and yes, she does indeed share my gifts. However, she is still a child.  
So please, when you see me on the street and you have an inquiry 
about cleansing the 'demons' within your home or 'talking to dead' please be respectful of my child.
It's my desire for my daughter to enjoy being curious and wondering about the world through her own eyes.  While I am grateful to be of service, I will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions via email or scheduled appointment. 
I find it somewhat careless while I am out enjoying a play date or doing personal errands with my daughter to be subjected to needy screams
 "I'm still waiting for a name! What did my brother call me when I was little?"
Or any demands to know "what I see" around you or if I can get rid of the ghost keeping you up at night.  To date I have been more than gracious and polite when these types of exchanges occur.  I have written that I do not operate like other public mediums that you see on TV but enough is enough - especially when it comes to my family. Quite frankly even my mentor said I'm being too nice about it and that being of love does not mean I get to be a wet noodle. So, please from this day forward  do not mistake my kindness for weakness. 
Dear ones, there is a time and a place, and we can reserve a space together to address your needs or the root of your problem accordingly with grace and love.

Finally, today I want to give a huge SHOUT             
out to Mr. Keith Blackwell.  It's the glorious day of his earth's point of entry.  
Almost two years ago, I met him while he sold cookies 
for the Harry Potter Alliance - the anti bullying group in Jim Thorpe. He has been a huge blessing to my company, my family and my brand.  I am beyond grateful for him and hope that you join me in wishing him all the love, luck and success he deserves for his birthday and beyond.

In love and bliss, 
Mick G


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