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....because this blog is a flare gun going off into the global spiritual community.

Now, I tend to keep up on what’s coming down the pike in movies, and pre the explosion of witchcraft TV shows and films light up the screen (they are trending heavily right now) I need to put my foot down pre game and say enough is ENOUGH.

 Before I get into the why, I must tell you that I honestly welcome and support any and all discussion
of your religion or belief system as it is my own personal experience to have uncovered divine truth in more than a handful of world faith experiences that I have had the privilege to read up on, study & even incorporate into my own practice.

I am also grateful that as people are recognizing their own personal intuition in this new uncovering of consciousness that they, we, are becoming more aware and in tune with things other than what was traditionally crammed down our throats.
I'm so happy to be living proof of a self-discovery and surrender that has led me to a path that serves the greater good.

But I cannot tolerate anyone who is opening doors to other worlds with blinders on.
I can't tell you how many 911 calls come through with people experimenting as a new member of this coven or that faith or this dark seeded hidden agenda
needing help because what they conjured was something less than angelic
and they are desperate for help or worse .....validation for what they did!
It’s hard for me to even keep my cool when I can see clearly that others are trying to mask their duplicitous actions as being part of a ‘paranormal investigation.’
And don't get me wrong, sometimes it is that innocent.
A paranormal investigation goes haywire because no one took the time to spiritually and energetically protect themselves from possibility and let’s be honest
…if you go looking in the dark for spirit seldom will you find something
so shiny, sparkly and bright.

Now I’m not saying not to do these things.  Please! Investigate!
Have conversations with something other than what you were taught but at the beginning and end of the day know what your intentions and values are. If they are not for the highest good of all involved, even the best interest of the unseen than know you are playing with fire.
But If you walk into a cemetery at midnight to have conversations with those who have been buried a hundred years ago you probably won’t walk out having been blessed with messages from the angelic realm.  And not for nothing, you probably will have disturbed someone or something that has been at ‘rest’ and you know how you are when you wake up. Come with it! Imagine if a random telemarketer demanded you got out of bed because they wanted to talk to you! They were just being curious because they picked up a book on this faith or that and wanted to try it all out!
You’d be less than happy I’m sure!

Ladies and gentleman, if you aren’t mindful when you are applying you’re new found self-discoveries please don’t think that the unseen will be mindful with you in return.
It’s this basic at the end of the day; treat other people the way you want to be treated that means even the ones who no longer have bodies.
We are all one.
We are all the same.

In other news, I’m happy that there will be a mass awakening of Goddess and the Divine Feminine to our public.  She who is gentle and life giving.  She who makes the ebb and tide.
I can only pray that the upcoming media events will depict how we are one with the earth’s energy and this information and knowledge is but a grand gift. I hope that there is light shed on separateness being an evil illusion.  I know too much about our ratings game and what we are dealing with though so I will do my best to continue to field questions, to continue to take those 911 phone calls about the less than innocent conjuring and hope for the best outcome for all.

And lastly, if you point your finger and accuse me
or if you less than politely ask me if indeed
I am a witch
I only have this to say to any and all of you
Witch is too narrow a definition for who and what I am. If you identify as that, great!  Blessed be!  But I know me and I know what I know, what I know. Yes, I have deep rooted pagan beliefs but I also have a strong Christian upbringing and a west coast Buddhist hippy mindset sprinkled in with some Native American medicine woman love.
I will not be contained in someone else’s definition of anything, or idea of me or what they think they know about me or try to project on me ever–
even “cosmic dirt bag” (wink wink).

So let this blog be a warning:
play nice ladies and gentleman.
Play nice.  Take a moment to be mindful of what it is you are doing, attracting and what your true intentions are.
We’re all in this together.

In love and bliss,
Mick G
PS –you can hear more about this discussion and other side effects of the Paranormal phenomenon with me on WILK Sunday June 9th. 


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