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Respectfully Yours......

This weekend was almost a dream.   Parts of it still feel as if I am floating. Friday's solstice I took a personal day to be and celebrate love.
Saturday I met with my fathers family from near and far;  the Gallagher's and the Boyle's for the annual gathering in town.   My heart sung to see my cousin from Austin, her mother from Baltimore,  I witnessed my uncle Jimmy teach Sophia to catch her first fish and was present,  to share and hear stories of loved ones past on who have come  to bless us with their sacred knowing when we have needed their presence most.  I'm sorry I didn't have more time to spend with my tribe because I had to prepare and be of service for my first Dinner With a Psychic at  Stonehedge Gardens in Tamaqua PA.
Ladies and gentleman, this place is an amazing artistic creation and it has left me beyond full. I'm in disbelief that I hadn't until this very day,  set foot on the sacred grounds that they politely call a non profit, public garde…

Fairy Godmother's Lesson

The story of Cinderella holds some serious metaphysical lesson kids.
I've adapted this from you guessed it,
Marianne Williamson's Law Of Divine Compensation.
(I've finished this work and am going back for a second helping.)

The Fairy Godmother didn't order a new dress out of a catalog for Cinderella; she transformed Cinderella's rags into a ball gown.
The Fairy Godmother didn't order a limo;
she turned a pumpkin into a coach and mice into horsemen.
Whatever Cinderella needed, the universe took care of it.
Cinderella's purity of heart called forth the Fairy Godmother - that is the spirit within and the fairy godmother called forth everything she needed.

The Fairy Godmothers wand?  True, loving thought.
The light her wand casts onto things? True understanding.
The magic she works? The miracles that result.

The Fairy Godmother didn't have to order a dress or call out for a car because the universe miraculously transformed existing material.
That's ho…

4 Rules 4 Miraculous Work/Creation

1. Be positive.
2. Send love
3. Have fun.
4. Kick Ass

These are things that Marianne Williamson 
talks about in her new book:
The Law Divine Compensation
On Work Money and Miracles.

There are certain books that come to us when we need to hear or inherit the message.  There are other books that are game changers just by the title and you run out and snatch them up.
This book was a complete combo of those for me.

Because I've learned so much from
Gabriel Bernstien, Mastin Kipp Marie Forleo, it's hard to miss the opportunity when listening to them share their spark
to learn about a teacher that all three of them have in common; Marianne Williamson.
She wrote a wildly popular best seller; A Return To Love which comes from her teaching
A Course In Miracles.  (It's next on my reading to do list!)
What she stands for and who she is as a spiritual teacher is profound.

But this book! This book! I can't get enough of it.
It's one of those reads, much like Spirit Junkie


....because this blog is a flare gun going off into the global spiritual community.

Now, I tend to keep up on what’s coming down the pike in movies, and pre the explosion of witchcraft TV shows and films light up the screen (they are trending heavily right now) I need to put my foot down pre game and say enough is ENOUGH.

 Before I get into the why, I must tell you that I honestly welcome and support any and all discussion
of your religion or belief system as it is my own personal experience to have uncovered divine truth in more than a handful of world faith experiences that I have had the privilege to read up on, study & even incorporate into my own practice.

I am also grateful that as people are recognizing their own personal intuition in this new uncovering of consciousness that they, we, are becoming more aware and in tune with things other than what was traditionally crammed down our throats.
I'm so happy to be living proof of a self-discovery and surrender that has led…