Sunday, June 23, 2013

Respectfully Yours......

This weekend was almost a dream.  
Parts of it still feel as if I am floating.
Friday's solstice I took a personal
day to be and celebrate love.

Saturday I met with my fathers family from near and far; 
the Gallagher's and the Boyle's for the annual gathering in town.  
My heart sung to see my cousin from Austin, her mother from Baltimore, 
I witnessed my uncle Jimmy teach Sophia to catch her first fish and was present, 
to share and hear stories of loved ones past on who have come 
to bless us with their sacred knowing when we have needed their presence most. 
I'm sorry I didn't have more time to spend with my tribe because I had to prepare and be of service for my first Dinner With a Psychic at 

Ladies and gentleman, this place is an amazing artistic creation and it has left me beyond full. I'm in disbelief that I hadn't until this very day, 
set foot on the sacred grounds that they politely call a non profit, public garden.  Ah, but when you experience all of the land and it's beauty entirely; it's aromatic flowers, the colorful and peaceful worshipers and volunteers you will be impressed with what can not be taken so lightly it's powerful earth magic.

Today it's business as usual under the super moon.  
My crystals fully cleansed, bathed in the glorious light on my rooftop last night.  My smile wide as I greet handsome strangers in my shop. I sit, typing anxious for a sacred meeting, a healing for my love with the Native American Shaman down the road when I finally turn the sign on the front door to "Thank You For Your Business."

And yes, please a big, huge 
THANK YOU for your business.  
I am so blessed to continue to do what it is that I do.  
As I spoke to the guests having dinner at Stonehedge last night, 
I explained how I left my radio career when I realized 
I'been turning into a radio myself.  The irony! And that when I landed here & teamed up with my beautiful and amazing mentor, I asked God, Goddess and all of those who have gone before me "What's next?"

In that, I learned those words would become part of my service.  
'What would you have me say and to who?'
'Let me be the vessel to which your message is heard.'

With that.... I'd like to say a few words pertaining to the work.
In allowing myself to be present as a vessel for spirit to point 
and deliver message for you and your loved ones, 
I will not and most often do not remember what takes place 
verbally during a session unless I am out of the channeled message 
and speaking from my person.  
Recently I've been approached about "things I've said" that took place in readings months ago.
While I would love to recall the exact moment, I can't. 
I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast this morning to which I politely laugh & say "my mom-nesia" has kicked in.
This is why I strongly encourage you to electronically record our shared space together.  
Another phenomenon that can occur is; someone or something will come forward and the person receiving the reading will not recall this energy.  
This has actually happened to me in a reading I had with my mentor.  
Three weeks later during Xmas eve dinner I shared the experience with my parents and learned the energy, Frank - was my Father's father.    He died when my dad was very young but he was present for me and I couldn't place him.  My mentor calls this instance "psychic amnesia."

On the subject of family, I would like firmly place public intention 
around my daughter, Sophia.  My beautiful saving grace is a mere five years old and yes, she does indeed share my gifts. However, she is still a child.  
So please, when you see me on the street and you have an inquiry 
about cleansing the 'demons' within your home or 'talking to dead' please be respectful of my child.
It's my desire for my daughter to enjoy being curious and wondering about the world through her own eyes.  While I am grateful to be of service, I will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions via email or scheduled appointment. 
I find it somewhat careless while I am out enjoying a play date or doing personal errands with my daughter to be subjected to needy screams
 "I'm still waiting for a name! What did my brother call me when I was little?"
Or any demands to know "what I see" around you or if I can get rid of the ghost keeping you up at night.  To date I have been more than gracious and polite when these types of exchanges occur.  I have written that I do not operate like other public mediums that you see on TV but enough is enough - especially when it comes to my family. Quite frankly even my mentor said I'm being too nice about it and that being of love does not mean I get to be a wet noodle. So, please from this day forward  do not mistake my kindness for weakness. 
Dear ones, there is a time and a place, and we can reserve a space together to address your needs or the root of your problem accordingly with grace and love.

Finally, today I want to give a huge SHOUT             
out to Mr. Keith Blackwell.  It's the glorious day of his earth's point of entry.  
Almost two years ago, I met him while he sold cookies 
for the Harry Potter Alliance - the anti bullying group in Jim Thorpe. He has been a huge blessing to my company, my family and my brand.  I am beyond grateful for him and hope that you join me in wishing him all the love, luck and success he deserves for his birthday and beyond.

In love and bliss, 
Mick G

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fairy Godmother's Lesson

The story of Cinderella holds some serious metaphysical lesson kids.
I've adapted this from you guessed it,
Marianne Williamson's Law Of Divine Compensation.
(I've finished this work and am going back for a second helping.)

The Fairy Godmother didn't order a new dress out of a catalog for Cinderella; she transformed Cinderella's rags into a ball gown.
The Fairy Godmother didn't order a limo;
she turned a pumpkin into a coach and mice into horsemen.
Whatever Cinderella needed, the universe took care of it.
Cinderella's purity of heart called forth the Fairy Godmother - that is the spirit within and the fairy godmother called forth everything she needed.

The Fairy Godmothers wand?  True, loving thought.
The light her wand casts onto things? True understanding.
The magic she works? The miracles that result.

The Fairy Godmother didn't have to order a dress or call out for a car because the universe miraculously transformed existing material.
That's how the universe operates; whatever already is, is the platform for what could be.
Cinderella despite her circumstances as a servant had the mind-set of the miraculous.
And so miracles came to her.

In one translation of the story, Cinderella becomes upset after her stepmother and stepsisters have gone to the ball, she is in the drive crying when Fairy Godmother finally appears. Cinderella exclaims "Oh, Fairy Godmother! I thought you'd never get here!"  T
To which Fairy Godmother lovingly responds, "Oh that's not true or I couldn't be here!"


Our souls are Cinderella. The ego is the wicked stepmother, and the Holy Spirit is our Fairy Godmother.

Each of us has a "wicked stepmother" ie; ego mind, seeking to obstruct our good. And each of us has a "fairy Godmother" i.e.; Holy Spirit working miracles to fulfill our hearts desire when ever our attitudes are pure.

Miracles are EVERYONE'S right, but purification is necessary first.

There is only one category of impurity that keeps miracles at bay, and that is lovelessness.
The Fairy Godmother didn't appear to the stepmother or stepsisters, because their thoughts and intentions were mean.  To where they had plenty of resources, they had no love in their hearts. Thus all of their plans came to naught.

Fairy Godmother says:
Be Grateful for what you have.
Clean up whatever you need to clean up.
Allow yourself to want what you want.

It's that hard yet that simple.

In reading this I couldn't help but be taken back to when I lost my shop on Race Street this time last year.  I surrendered my thoughts to peace and asked God to guide me.
I am typing from my storefront and home on Broadway - not from my apartment or a store in the alley - but on the main street of town and I count with many thanks my blessings everyday.

Where in your current circumstance can you change your mind and count yours?
Can you forgive those who have hurt you? Can you let yourself off the hook for the mistakes you have made too?
Can you be comfortable with your dreams?

As always, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

In love and bliss,
Mick G

Sunday, June 9, 2013

4 Rules 4 Miraculous Work/Creation

1. Be positive.
2. Send love
3. Have fun.
4. Kick Ass

These are things that Marianne Williamson 
talks about in her new book:
The Law Divine Compensation
On Work Money and Miracles.

There are certain books that come to us when we need to hear or inherit the message.  There are other books that are game changers just by the title and you run out and snatch them up.
This book was a complete combo of those for me.

Because I've learned so much from
Gabriel Bernstien, Mastin Kipp Marie Forleo, it's hard to miss the opportunity when listening to them share their spark
to learn about a teacher that all three of them have in common; Marianne Williamson.
She wrote a wildly popular best seller; A Return To Love which comes from her teaching
A Course In Miracles.  (It's next on my reading to do list!)
What she stands for and who she is as a spiritual teacher is profound.

But this book! This book! I can't get enough of it.
It's one of those reads, much like Spirit Junkie and Crazy Sexy Diet that I can't wait to share with my clients, family and friends by buying a handful of copies.
I do not in any means want to be over bearing spiritually of course but
I do want to assist in sharing the message - a way to look at answers to so many of the same questions that I hear over and over again when it comes to work and money.
In the current economic state it's sometimes hard to feel like there
is more than enough for everyone and that by simply asking we can have what it is that we truly need.
It is also sometimes tough when we come up with a heavy story
about why we can't or shouldn't have nice things or an abundance of anything.
Last, there may be tension or relationship issues within your workplace that are blocks to your personal growth and success.
What I am asking you to do is be open to what this artful piece of literature has to offer.
Let this book guide you through whatever it is you are experiencing over Work, Money and Miracles and teach you valuable lesson on how you can see things differently.  There doesn't have to be such intense suffering or chaos over the matter. We can, you can see things differently.

That's what books do.
They help us see things differently.

Is there a book that's been a game changer for you?
What are you reading right now?
As always, I welcome the input, feedback
and love in the comments below on the facebook page or in an email!

In love and bliss,
Mick G

Sunday, June 2, 2013


....because this blog is a flare gun going off into the global spiritual community.

Now, I tend to keep up on what’s coming down the pike in movies, and pre the explosion of witchcraft TV shows and films light up the screen (they are trending heavily right now) I need to put my foot down pre game and say enough is ENOUGH.

 Before I get into the why, I must tell you that I honestly welcome and support any and all discussion
of your religion or belief system as it is my own personal experience to have uncovered divine truth in more than a handful of world faith experiences that I have had the privilege to read up on, study & even incorporate into my own practice.

I am also grateful that as people are recognizing their own personal intuition in this new uncovering of consciousness that they, we, are becoming more aware and in tune with things other than what was traditionally crammed down our throats.
I'm so happy to be living proof of a self-discovery and surrender that has led me to a path that serves the greater good.

But I cannot tolerate anyone who is opening doors to other worlds with blinders on.
I can't tell you how many 911 calls come through with people experimenting as a new member of this coven or that faith or this dark seeded hidden agenda
needing help because what they conjured was something less than angelic
and they are desperate for help or worse .....validation for what they did!
It’s hard for me to even keep my cool when I can see clearly that others are trying to mask their duplicitous actions as being part of a ‘paranormal investigation.’
And don't get me wrong, sometimes it is that innocent.
A paranormal investigation goes haywire because no one took the time to spiritually and energetically protect themselves from possibility and let’s be honest
…if you go looking in the dark for spirit seldom will you find something
so shiny, sparkly and bright.

Now I’m not saying not to do these things.  Please! Investigate!
Have conversations with something other than what you were taught but at the beginning and end of the day know what your intentions and values are. If they are not for the highest good of all involved, even the best interest of the unseen than know you are playing with fire.
But If you walk into a cemetery at midnight to have conversations with those who have been buried a hundred years ago you probably won’t walk out having been blessed with messages from the angelic realm.  And not for nothing, you probably will have disturbed someone or something that has been at ‘rest’ and you know how you are when you wake up. Come with it! Imagine if a random telemarketer demanded you got out of bed because they wanted to talk to you! They were just being curious because they picked up a book on this faith or that and wanted to try it all out!
You’d be less than happy I’m sure!

Ladies and gentleman, if you aren’t mindful when you are applying you’re new found self-discoveries please don’t think that the unseen will be mindful with you in return.
It’s this basic at the end of the day; treat other people the way you want to be treated that means even the ones who no longer have bodies.
We are all one.
We are all the same.

In other news, I’m happy that there will be a mass awakening of Goddess and the Divine Feminine to our public.  She who is gentle and life giving.  She who makes the ebb and tide.
I can only pray that the upcoming media events will depict how we are one with the earth’s energy and this information and knowledge is but a grand gift. I hope that there is light shed on separateness being an evil illusion.  I know too much about our ratings game and what we are dealing with though so I will do my best to continue to field questions, to continue to take those 911 phone calls about the less than innocent conjuring and hope for the best outcome for all.

And lastly, if you point your finger and accuse me
or if you less than politely ask me if indeed
I am a witch
I only have this to say to any and all of you
Witch is too narrow a definition for who and what I am. If you identify as that, great!  Blessed be!  But I know me and I know what I know, what I know. Yes, I have deep rooted pagan beliefs but I also have a strong Christian upbringing and a west coast Buddhist hippy mindset sprinkled in with some Native American medicine woman love.
I will not be contained in someone else’s definition of anything, or idea of me or what they think they know about me or try to project on me ever–
even “cosmic dirt bag” (wink wink).

So let this blog be a warning:
play nice ladies and gentleman.
Play nice.  Take a moment to be mindful of what it is you are doing, attracting and what your true intentions are.
We’re all in this together.

In love and bliss,
Mick G
PS –you can hear more about this discussion and other side effects of the Paranormal phenomenon with me on WILK Sunday June 9th. 

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