Your 'Big Picture' May Be F'n Up Your Now.

"Five year plan?  I don't have one."
I remember saying in an interview at the
Bank of America building in San Francisco
before I landed my gig at Live 105.

But that question burned a hole in my brain. And I started to pay attention to my peers, colleagues and friends who had  a 'plan' or as some of them deemed it a"big picture":  house in the burbs, 2.5 kids, job security, retirement fund.  It all seemed the same at the end of the day.
And every time someone would say it again, my stomach turned.
Something was terribly wrong. Let's be clear. I wasn't judging anyone's dreams.
It felt too confined for me.  I wanted those things too but I wanted more:  adventure, flexibility, possibility and freedom.

Then my life exploded.  Spirit showed up letting me know my B.S. in Communications was a synonym for a degree I was really about to live out.  I came home to the east coast. Sophia was unexpected and born!  So any plan I'd have had put into place with my friends over happy hour day dreams would have been a tragic sham.  Life inherently demanded that I be flexible.

Now, holding space for others and bearing witness to their journey it seems that best laid plans are more than often falling by the wayside, turned upside down by tragedy or life's unexpectedness.  And each and every time the disappointment and depression that set in when the plan get's side tracked or thrashed is heavy.  Sometimes, it's too heavy for people to carry and they loose their lust for life and their light starts to dim.

Which brings me to my Sunday morning soap box:
Don't let go of your big picture but loosen your grip on it because life now is.

Focusing so hard on what "should" happen muddies our journey.
It's the how you get there that's important - the memories you make, the people you meet (and delete) along the way, the smiles, laughter, challenges and lessons.
And I can assure you, if you got everything you wanted in your big picture it would only leave you longing for more. In fact, those I am blessed to come in contact with who have met all of their big picture goals are still searching.  They've achieved their plan and now they don't know how to sit back and receive or they are caught up on what they missed out on.

So what to do?

Wiggle it.  Just a little bit. 
Don't let go of your plans but don't make them so rigid either.  If they involve something or someone and that thing or person has decided to pull the rip chord allow yourself space.  Let there be some breathing room.  Then reevaluate and know that plan B or C could just be the Universe's way of saying - HEY! I have your back and this is even better!

Give yourself the best present.
....Stay present!  You can work 9-5, 40+ hours a week while life slips you by.  As you are trying to get to where you think you need to be five years from now or get "ahead" I beg you to stop and ask yourself this question:  where does that leave today?
Already faded into dust.
 It's true what they say, the best present you can give to yourself and to others is to stay present.
Get in the now.  Slow down.  Take life ten minutes at a time.  It leaves you with less anxiety, expectation and let's you be a little more zen when the unexpected pops up.

I read something from Mastin Kipp yesterday I felt compelled to share. He wrote "Whatever you 'think' your future is or your potential, it is so small compared to what really is possible.
Talk about hitting the nail on the head!

So dream big and keep dreaming friends but do yourself and everyone else a favor and allow yourself the divine gift of staying present to what's really showing up in your life.
Be flexible and open to possibility.  It just may surprise you to know and witness that the Universe wants to and will support your dreams with more miracles and magic than you could have ever imagined.

As always, I will hold space for any of your comments, feedback or appreciation via email or below.
Thank you for participating in today's Gospel of Michelle.

You are blessed.
You are loved.

XOXO - Mick G


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