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In Defense Of Sylvia Browne & My Home Town.

I smell a witch hunt and ton of horrid greed going on around here and I'm calling serious bullshit on all of it.

First, I'd like to empathize politely with one of my teachers, Sylvia Browne.  Most recently her credibility as a self proclaimed psychic has come under attack for saying that Amanda Berry, one of the missing women miraculously unearthed from captivity in Ohio was dead. News stations and social media are ablaze with handfuls of other 'goofs' Browne has noted while serving the mass community with her gifts.

While I know all too well what skeptics and naysayers truly mean and are desperately capable of,  I'm calling BS on all of you bullshitters. 

I will hands down also say right now - Amanda Berry is dead. 
The girl who was abducted had her innoncence, childhood and normal day to day life ripped from her.  What's left is a vessel containing fragments of horror whose spiritual, emotional and psychological being need love and healing.  
Amanda Berry will never under any circumstances be the same girl who was taken from her 'life' in 2003.  Browne made the prediction on Montel just one year her abduction.  I would go so far as to say Spirit was speaking symbolically or in metaphor as it often does to prepare  Amanda's mother of a decade without her daughter, and to psychologically to mourn the loss of what could have been.  
Come to think of it, there is a whole famous religious book written mostly in metaphor and shrouded in mysterious lesson. You may be familiar with it because wars have been based on it's verses and thousands killed and damned by churches because of the words contained with in it; The Bible.

And not for nothing I've met and read about Doctors who have misdiagnosed, policeman who were corrupt, reporters and entire media empires hell even our own Government being on the take but hey I'm not rushing to negatively judge or finger point.  That's our American media's job.

But at the end of the day, with any & all labels removed Psychics, 
Astrologers, Spiritualists, Mediums, Shamans, Seers 
and the like they, we are, human beings and to err...
well, you know the saying.

Sylvia Browne has written dozens of books and has helped thousands 
of people transform their lives from a place of non belief to one of possibility, touched by divinity. 
There were moments in my own desperation, uncovering what was happening in my new found awareness that I leaned toward her writing, Phenomenon specifically, to see me through.  
So in all of her years of service with the amount of good work that she has done in the name of God, Spirit and divinity I think a few public goofs are only natural don't you?

Beyond this blog, I will continue to focus on the healing 
of the three women who were miraculously saved from the captivity of dark men, the healing of their families and the forgiveness of those who carried out such atrocities. 

Now, in completely unrelated news, I sincerely need 
to come to the defense of the man whose name bears the same of my home town;  Jim Thorpe. This weekend we, the community are celebrating his birthday.

Mr. Thorpe's remains are here in Pennsylvania.    
But an opportunity has arisen to have them moved to a casino based town near surviving family members. Without getting into too much detail, the bottom line is opportunity. 
No matter what side of the fence you sit on there is money to be made/lost and there is much 'fighting' over it.

But my concern lies somewhere elsewhere obviously.  My concern is in Spirit.  
I firmly believe that he who lay in rest needs to be kept in rest.  
Any unearthing will not just bring financial strain to our community and beyond.  
The other stuff unseen will no doubt follow.  
And quite honestly, I don't want things to turn into a bad made for TV movie around here. 
We have had our share of unfortunate circumstance and strange deaths and misfortune.  
So I pray for the continued peace of our community and for Jim Thorpe's family.  
I pray that for the good of all that the right thing concerning this dead man's bones will be carried out.  
I personally don't think moving Jim is the best idea but then again, I too am human.

But my sentiments were confirmed when I met Jim's grandson, John Thorpe, today.  
We talked about ego surrounding this legal campaign.

John went on to share that in a sweat lodge,  medicine men who were in witness to Jim Thorpe's spirit confirmed that indeed he is at peace and doesn't want any more fighting over his remains.  John was moved emotionally sharing this. I am honored to have had this conversation and will hold it dear to my heart always.  Thank you.

But regardless of what the outcome in the courts 
I will continue to support my community, it's people and our local economy in any and every way I can.  
This goes without saying.  
At the end of the day however,  I think we need to send love to any EGO looking for blame, for payout or for anything that doesn't resemble love.

So let us move forward holding tight to the miracles both subtle and loud that will occur in between the chaos, finger pointing and opportunistic deals.  

Let us, you and I start right where we are and continue to support each other as we would want to be supported ourselves - spiritually, emotionally and the like.

Email or post feedback, love or music that inspires you because of this.
My love, much love to you always!!

Mick G


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