Can You Love What You Do?

Loving what you do for a living is not impossible.
I read Russell Simmon's Super Rich and learned that making your work a prayer no matter what it is you do for a living means to be of service.  That message came right on time because when read it I was still bartending and it totally carried me through when shit hit the fan!  Even when things got totally rough and beyond messy in my last business "adventure" and I couldn't see the forest through the really huge trees, keeping my work a prayer pulled me through.

Now however being in service and really owning what "I do" feels like a dream.
Serving my community as a consignment boutique owner while connecting people beyond worlds over the internet and beyond, even marrying people as Minister
makes me feel like the Universe and I are in sync.
I can authentically say, I truly love my life.

But staying true to my work and purpose was tested this week as if I was presented a very shiny penny and my core values were being put on the line.

I had repurposed my vision board last Thursday night to fit all of my new dreams and goals.
Yes Virginia, you are never too old to have them nor feel the miracle of them coming to be!
And on Friday I received a phone call from the owner of a NY production company who wanted to interview me for a television show they are working on.

Now this wasn't something I went after. This call came from a reference and was a total shock!

Fast forward to Wednesday.
After her reading the production company owner told me I was great at what I do.
She loved my look and looked forward to working with me.
At lunch we realized we knew some of the same people and both smiled wide at the fact that there are no such things as coincidences. So as was my plan, I wooed her with the story of Jim Thorpe.
It was my thought that if I missed the opportunity to help find missing people (that's what the show is about) then perhaps I could highlight what's happening in town over the man this sacred place is named after!

After, we'll call her Ms. Z, after Ms. Z and I  said farewell, I got a phone call four hours later reiterating how much Ms. Z loved Jim Thorpe and then boom! She asked  if I'd like to be a part of a much different concept than was presented.

Without hesitation I declined.

You see, I am not looking to be a reality TV celebrity or a quick pay out.
I do what I do so that I can stay in service to the local and global community.
That has been and will continue to be my intention. Turning fear into love is my mission.
Helping people touch their divinity and igniting personal transformation is my passion.
If that comes through readings, future writing or by showcasing a budding artist than blessed be.
Taking on some TV show just because I could would take me away from what it is I love.
And saying no felt amazing!

I am happy and so very honored to have had the experience of meeting Ms. Z.
I know the story has only just begun, it's certainly not over and the Universe showed up big to let me know I am on my right path.

Today I'm sitting in my shop, surrounded by local artists and crafters looking forward to my appointments this evening. I am making small talk with strangers, sharing smiles and I am feeling it: life, is good.

I promise if you do what you love, this feeling of abundance and peace too can be yours.

How can you make what you do into what you love?
How can you make your work your prayer?
Are you running from your life's calling or are you thick in it?

As always, email me or leave a comment. I
absolutely love hearing from you.

Blessed be,
Mick G


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