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Can You Love What You Do?

Loving what you do for a living is not impossible.
I read Russell Simmon's Super Rich and learned that making your work a prayer no matter what it is you do for a living means to be of service.  That message came right on time because when read it I was still bartending and it totally carried me through when shit hit the fan!  Even when things got totally rough and beyond messy in my last business "adventure" and I couldn't see the forest through the really huge trees, keeping my work a prayer pulled me through.

Now however being in service and really owning what "I do" feels like a dream.
Serving my community as a consignment boutique owner while connecting people beyond worlds over the internet and beyond, even marrying people as Minister
makes me feel like the Universe and I are in sync.
I can authentically say, I truly love my life.

But staying true to my work and purpose was tested this week as if I was presented a very shiny penny and my core values w…

Coming Clean.

It's always my intention to be fully truthful. Satnam.
The word truth is tattooed, inscribed really in Arabic on my arm over a decade now. More importantly, time and experience have taught me that truth always, even if it doesn't end up working in my favor at the moment of honoring it, even if it hurts tremendously... sets you free.
A truth I want to release & to be present to today is: I am a recovering addict.
When people ask me about my intuitive gift,  if I was born with it or how exactly it came to be,  part of my story is very, very  dark.  As the light started to shine in my life, I tried really hard to drink it away.  I was filled with fear over what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, experiencing and more than anything I just wanted to be 'normal' and live my life.
At the time spirit erupted all around me normal meant living a very rock and roll lifestyle.   Working in the music industry and living in one of the most brilliant and beautiful cities in the wor…

Mi Madre es Tu Madre

When I was in grade school, my Mother gave up her
lunch hour to supervise the playground.
It was primarily so that I would stop coming home with
bloody knees and tears in my eyes.
Seeing her child in a place of hurt, she threw up her claws and did
what she needed to do to protect her young. As any adolescent would be, I was fearful and anxious over this but
something beautiful occurred: everyone, all of my peers ended up calling her "Mom." It wasn't because she showed those claws, but because she was kind to everyone. So thanks for being an awesome role model MOM.

A decade ago I was sitting
in Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco,
listening to Rev. Douglass Fitch share a lesson on how it takes an entire community to raise a child.
It took me to a place of understanding; of how my parents had to juggle to make ends meet, to make the business of our family work and of my Grandmother, Marie Moyer who did her best to see my sister, cousins & I grow while all of our Mom…

Your 'Big Picture' May Be F'n Up Your Now.

"Five year plan?  I don't have one."
I remember saying in an interview at the
Bank of America building in San Francisco
before I landed my gig at Live 105.

But that question burned a hole in my brain. And I started to pay attention to my peers, colleagues and friends who had  a 'plan' or as some of them deemed it a"big picture":  house in the burbs, 2.5 kids, job security, retirement fund.  It all seemed the same at the end of the day.
And every time someone would say it again, my stomach turned.
Something was terribly wrong. Let's be clear. I wasn't judging anyone's dreams.
It felt too confined for me.  I wanted those things too but I wanted more:  adventure, flexibility, possibility and freedom.

Then my life exploded.  Spirit showed up letting me know my B.S. in Communications was a synonym for a degree I was really about to live out.  I came home to the east coast. Sophia was unexpected and born!  So any plan I'd have had put in…