I hate cellphones. Honestly I do.

While I applaud the advancement of technology 
and the connection you and I have because of the world wide web...
I wish we could all just walk away from cell phones at least once or twice a week.
In fact I believe there is a Cake song with this sort of sentiment.

I used to say that unless I can teleport from it, I don't really want it.  
But now I have a fancy HTC and I'm on it all the time, Email, Instagram, Facebook, texting, clients, family, friends, paranormal emergencies, vendors, etc.

I know I need it for business and emergencies and to "stay connected" 
but at the end of the day this connection is an illusion.
And some times it is straight up bullshit.

If I really had my way, I would  bury my phone six feet underground, bring back the rotary, light up the streets with corner pay phones and reinstall land lines providing jobs and what not that this economy needs.  I'd also have my communication go a little retro through love letters, post cards and sometimes yes....a fax.  If anyone really knows me ...even a mix tape! What?

This idea of always "being connected"ironically keeps us separate.
And many of us are experiencing pain and illusion because of this.
People are becoming more anti social and sincerely socially inept.

Please allow me to explain.

When a text is sent to someone and the receiving
party doesn't respond after 4 seconds or a
voicemail is left  and your call is not returned for a few hours
a common misconception in the time &space between
is that there is a problem or...something is inherently wrong.  

The stories we create in between the noises
or vibrations our electronic devices make are an illusion based in ego and fear.

I have been guilty of these stories. Chances are you are guilty too.
This unnecessary stressor does not serve the greater good.

Here's how to deal.

First, when you call or leave a text without an immediate response
please respect that everyone is busy and just because at the
very moment you're free it doesn't mean the other party is.
They may be driving.
They may be on the toilet.....
like this lovely lady....just doin her thang.

It really could be that simple. 98% of the time it is.
But unless that other person is your child or employee
- no one owes you an explanation of their whereabouts.

There is too much stress to add more
stress in your life over nothing.
Let's reframe this and work on the bigger stuff folks.
We have a whole lot of world to change.

However, if you are repeatedly calling or texting
without response each and every time you may want to take a moment
and reconnect with your values.

Don't spend time on people who don't have time for you.

If your child is asking you a question, put your Iphone down.
If you're creepin on facebook for the third time before noon, put it away.
If you are reaching for your phone more than the book you just your damn book.
Don't take phone calls or text during dinner with family or friends.  Or at the movies COME ON!
Please stop texting and driving and lastly just STOP communicating 'that' way.
NO one really likes your wtf's lmfao, rofl lol's and smiley faces.

If something is really important to you, don't put it in a text message.
Save it for a phone call or here is a novel concept - tell the person or persons while using hand gestures and a smile. It doesn't hurt to do this over coffee or dinner :)

Be present!

We the connected people have become quite aggressive,
yet terribly passive,
scared, yet so damn angry and wrought with worry all of the time
simply because of our beautiful technology mis matched with some ill communication.

Being present to what's and who is in front of you is the best way to communicate.  Thoughtful cards aren't a bad idea either.

So this week, how could you
or will you communicate differently, lovingly?  Better?

Leave a comment or shoot me email with a complaint :)

As per usual I Love LOVE and your joy is important to me.
Spread the good word.

Mick G


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