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If You Had One Wish...

My daughter is really into
TinkerBell right now.
This phase seems right on time.

First, she was wicked into trains,
then dragons which was scary,
then dinosaurs and I had concerns....
followed by horses,
then Harry Potter and Star Wars which I loved because I geeked out with her!

But then, all of a sudden as if right when the spring flowers bloomed..BOOM! TinkerBell.

And it got me to thinking about
Fairies and wishes and....

Since retiring my position this winter with Dark Beauty Magazine, I have to be clear
that Krafty Kitty has not left the building. She's intently studying Jedi mind tricks from many schools of energy and thought and dimensions. It was time I put my $ where my pie hole is and so far I have this to report: What a brilliant world it is we live in my friends!

Just brilliant!

The colors are amazing! The music, food and laughter are to be devoured!
Joy is the drug of the future! Happy feels nothing less than amazing.
Happy is a choice and feels remarkably more fun than sad. I learned that Happy is achievable and when you are there, you only hope it's contageous.

But there are few of us who really view things that way.
When I find those who are like minded, even for a moment I hold them close.

I meet dozens of people daily.
Some of from the Tri State Area.  Scores are from the Wilkes Barre-Scranton area.
Philly and the entire state of New Jersey are at a close tie at the moment.
And I must say, New Yorkers have been few and far between lately.
Which bums me out because they are my favorite!
But I digress. The aforementioned do not include clients, neighbors, community members and friends.
That's a lot of persons, people, energy, and what not in a twenty four hour time span for one person. And most faces are focused on or never fail to mention the UNHAPPY circumstances of the (or their) world.

Yes, I am your witness. Yes, I will continue to  hold space for your pain
and send it up as an offering to please help you see better days.  It is my honor to do so.

But, when I meet  people who embrace the same kind of language I do, the same ideals:
like attracting like no matter if it's positive or negative, who commit to choosing LOVE intently, I breath it in knowing that it feels so much more.. like home.

I will not lie.  It's hard.  I know it is. On top of everyone else's 'stuff' there's my own complete with doubt, tinges of fear and tears. But every day doesn't have to always be 'that way'. And I am living proof. I want to scream at times when I find moments of joy.
Love and  happiness are like flowers waiting to be uncovered like the first spring morning when the fairies everything to life. There are wishes to be made on birthdays because it's always someone's birthday somewhere! Miracles need to occur it's the natural order and there are dreams to be realized, love to be shared and babies to be born. All of this, like the nature and seasons are inevitable.

Which brings me to the extinction of Fairies and wishes. Once the earth heats, when the ice caps melt,
 fairies will spontaneously combust forming a second sun. Just kidding but it's plausible.
Anyway.  The point is: Anything is possible, plausible and yes!
SHIT SUCKS. Somewhere, somehow. Obviously. What happened in Boston just reminded everyone of that. If it's not devastating weather it's crazy people! There's NO need to ask for more of it by focusing on the horrific.  This will only breed more of the same.

So let us break the cycle! When something big transpires ie;  Boston or the earth quake in China, please don't forget to celebrate that there were heros, and survivors and the miracles that occur. Stay in the light.
Pray. Forgive.  Forgive.  Forgive.

I was driving this morning when I noticed a  bumper politely reminding me to ask myself:
What would Jesus Do? He'd be busy making sure there was plenty of healing going on.  Naturally.
He would see that life went on for the highest good. Exactly what the Fairies do.
Neither get caught up in the drama they just go.

Human sacrifice is a cry for
Not more gun or border patrol.
The whole world is churning.
Not just the inside walls of America
to get to peace we must first find the
path to Love.

So that is my ultimate wish for you.
For everyone! Before the Fairies become extinct
and we all get sucked into another dimension or
North Korea pulls a nuke, let us love each other like we love ourselves and damn it!
Let us LOVE ourselves!
Let us pray for forgiveness
for us for others.
Let us invite PEACE first
by practicing being

If TinkerBell showed up tomorrow, or I accidentally uncovered a lamp in my shop with a sleeping genie in it, I'd ask for the above so that the world would radiate as a more loving, less scary, intently caring and not overbearing of arms planet for my five year old and all her friends who want to believe in fairies to grow up in.

Dearest reader, it's your turn.
What would your ONE wish be?
Leave a comment below.
Let's invite love into our conversation and into ourselves
as a cure and let us be peace.


Mick G


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