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If You Had One Wish...

My daughter is really into
TinkerBell right now.
This phase seems right on time.

First, she was wicked into trains,
then dragons which was scary,
then dinosaurs and I had concerns....
followed by horses,
then Harry Potter and Star Wars which I loved because I geeked out with her!

But then, all of a sudden as if right when the spring flowers bloomed..BOOM! TinkerBell.

And it got me to thinking about
Fairies and wishes and....

Since retiring my position this winter with Dark Beauty Magazine, I have to be clear
that Krafty Kitty has not left the building. She's intently studying Jedi mind tricks from many schools of energy and thought and dimensions. It was time I put my $ where my pie hole is and so far I have this to report: What a brilliant world it is we live in my friends!

Just brilliant!

The colors are amazing! The music, food and laughter are to be devoured!
Joy is the drug of the future! Happy feels nothing less than amazing.
Happy is a choice and f…


I hate cellphones. Honestly I do.

While I applaud the advancement of technology  and the connection you and I have because of the world wide web... I wish we could all just walk away from cell phones at least once or twice a week.
In fact I believe there is a Cake song with this sort of sentiment.

I used to say that unless I can teleport from it, I don't really want it.   But now I have a fancy HTC and I'm on it all the time, Email, Instagram, Facebook, texting, clients, family, friends, paranormal emergencies, vendors, etc.
I know I need it for business and emergencies and to "stay connected"  but at the end of the day this connection is an illusion. And some times it is straight up bullshit.

If I really had my way, I would  bury my phone six feet underground, bring back the rotary, light up the streets with corner pay phones and reinstall land lines providing jobs and what not that this economy needs.  I'd also have my communication go a little retro through l…

4 Reasons Why Badmouthing Others is BAD For YOU.

I was talking today with a friend about the importance of words.  How you use them, positively, negatively any which way.  Words are like weapons.  Once you put them out there, they are pretty much impossible to take back.  Sure you can say you are sorry but it doesn't wipe the blood and guts off the floor from the initial bullet wound.  Forgiveness is key, but let's be mindful of our words from the get.  Dig?

Here's a repurposed blog to go along with those thoughts.

Everyone gets hurt. No one is perfect. People mess up. Mistakes are made. But the cross you bare when you badmouth someone else's questionable deeds or good fortunes, their life advances or personal tragedies is a very heavy one.

When you engage in loose lip service per say "warning" peers or anyone within earshot about someone or someone's "drama" or perhaps you seem to regurgitate the pain someone has caused you over and over to friends, strangers, clients, family members....wel…