You Probably Won't Like This.

I need to vent and
I'm pre- empting this post
stating it because
you're probably not
 going to believe
or even like what
I'm about to say
but I have to get
it off my chest.

I don't like Easter.

In fact, most holidays
kinda crawl under my skin.
It's not because I don't honor what they mean
traditionally or religiously. I do. And...

I love Jesus.

In fact, I love him so much that
I will go to bat for him and say there is
NO WAY he'd declare war "in his name" on earth when his word was to love
and yes, he'd totally be for gay marriage.

But,  I don't like Easter or majority of holidays because of the gross mockery society and  has made of "celebration and honor" in efforts to push retail sales and an economic agenda.

I was trying to convey this to my father this morning.
I don't understand why, when I had a child, that meant somehow I'd  be forced to participate in the gigantic distribution of sugary sweets and or plastic toys made in China because it's "what you do."
Well Jesus Christ! I don't WANT TO!
And I speak up at every holiday turn and every holiday I am being made to feel as if
I'm not "doing my part" or "being a good mom" or "celebrating the right way."
Because I didn't get my daughter and Easter basket (she has two filled with stuff already!) my dad insisted that I buy her a donut or toy because I had to give her something!

When Sophia was born I made it clear I didn't want gifts that took more than two batteries.
No one listened.
I also declared that fast food was not to be a reward or a glorified past time.  FAIL.
And holidays? Forget it.  I can't physically force anyone to not give Sophia material things she won't play because "they had to get her something!"
And lest we forget...the candy!
My daughters disposition most certainly changes when she has more than her normal amount of sugar intake.

So sometimes, as a single mom, it's hard to be heard and to also not be judged by family and friends who are set in their ways or idea of how I should operate as a parent in light of certain events in the wheel of the year.

A wise Sage however, told me that being a single mom
I should develop my own traditions that are special to Sophia and I. YES!
I want to focus on giving and JOY.
I want to create memories with my child infused with deeper experience and laughter not in terms of what she did or didn't receive.
Maybe this wishful thinking on my part won't last long and my own daughter will demand me to conform to the mass consumer train of thought but I have to at least stick to my guns for now.

Christmas will consist of a lot more charity and volunteer work.
New Years will be about making vision boards and family goals like trips, events and projects.
Valentines day will continued to be spent making gratitude lists and writing love letters to family and friends.
Easter will be about dancing and singing and time spent out doors having an experience in the twilight of Spring.
Fourth of July we will take historical trips centered on the birth of our nation like to D.C and Gettysburg and Philly.  Fireworks for sure will be the icing on that cake!
Halloween of course is self explanatory and Thanksgiving I'll continue to encourage Sophia to learn to cook as well as count her/our blessings.

Today I couldn't also help but think about how hypocritical in the name of "Jesus"
people can be.  It's hard not to this week in particular because of the gay marriage issue on the political hot plate and because it came up in our dinner conversation.
But in the name of chocolate rabbits and glazed ham.  Really?  Would Jesus want us to eat tons of stuff that's not healthy for us because his body disappeared?
I would prefer gardening and new beginnings to the glorified sugar and salt intake.
And think about it ...shouldn't the tradition of "dinner" with family and friends in regards to Easter be on the night of the "last supper?"  That feels way more sacred to me.  Perhaps that's a tradition I will start.

Anyway.  WOW!  I feel better with being able to flush that out of my system.
Thank you kindly for holding space for me and my tightly wound feelings about
holiday mass consumerism and the effect it has on society and our future generations.

Take what you need from this and carry on.
Private message me or leave a comment.
I am not opposed to hearing what you love or loathe about the holidays.



  1. Love it! I think it is great and perfectly acceptable to have your own thoughts and traditions around any "holiday". And they should be respected. Your daughter may exercise her right to want the commercialized way as she gets a bit older, however as she grows she will see the gifts you have given her, appreciating the simpler things in life and what truly matters, being with her Mama. Good for you!


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