What About Love?

What about it? You ask.
I know. It's trendy. It's fleeting.
It doesn't last.
Nothing does right?
It's for the birds, a concept thats nice on the big screen but it doesn't play out that way in real life.
Maybe you think that Love is a fad that has gone out with juke boxe's in the fifties and has gotten injected with anti inflamitory's so the notion of it could be remembered in sappy songs if you still even listen to the radio.

Well I won't let it die. And I'm not going to give up.
I'm going to fight for it.
I'm not talking about just the romantic kind either even though I'm a sucker for a good chic flick and officiating weddings makes my heart sing!

But the kind of LOVE I'm talking takes a little more work and
courage than that.
I'm talking straight up loving thyself
then taking that light and Loving thy neighbor.
I'm talking absolutely radiating LOVE to your core.
I'm talking infectious like the flu but more like using it as a cure to get us out of this place we're in, this horrible misunderstanding, this lack, this devastation and constant judgement of others. And finally using LOVE as the greatest weapon of all of course to aid in alleviating global war.

That is my ministry.
It's been from the moment I got it inked on my arm.
It's the foundation of the White Light Army.

Yet, I've been criticized, outcast and shunned for it.

Impossible! She screams from Race Street!
You're the enemy! Cries the Medium across town.
You're a fool! Says my own Mother at times.

Nay! I smile.
THIS is what my brother wants.
Not holy wars waged in His name.
Not people preaching hate on His behalf.
Treating thy neighbor as thyself.
So let's start there.


No. We cannot change the world overnight.
And yes, I fully understand that we are conditioned to beat the crap out of ourselves from
the moment we look at what we see in the mirror in the morning. We are born with Love but we grow up with fear.  However, if we took a moment to say some kind words to our reflection the butterfly effect would ensue. Starting right where we are, right now in this moment, turning inward with love will amount to a great deal of healing.

So why not try this on for size:
Perhaps you can come up with something that feels a little more juicy for you?
How about:  Today I am love and I will radiate love to all those I meet.
That's actually a personal favorite of mine.  Take it!

I challenge you for one week to try this on for size.
Hell, try smiling at your reflection if you can't find the right words
then take that smile and pass it on to strangers.

Love is the great miracle cure. 
Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives. Louise L. Hay
As always, comments and emails are welcome.  I am blessed to be reminded that the good fight is worth it and honored to politely remind you.

Be the change you seek in others  - Ghandi




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