Have YOU Seen Long Island Medium?

I bet you have. Lots and lots of people have. In fact, lots and lots of strangers or acquaintances
or people just browsing in my shop let me know. If you are close to me, you know that I don't have cable. As for L.I.M I think I have seen a skit I believe on SNL about her but that is the extent of it.

I'm stoked that people are excited about a show dedicated to a woman who walks the same path I do - in between worlds. We need more pioneers! More trailblazers!  Again, those closest to me know I'm stoked when any woman overcomes whatever it is and makes something of herself.  I get excited because - well....I'm excitable!
And I give free hugs.
I digress.
So I've never seen Long Island Medium.
But I know enough to know that this woman has the
kind of balls that are um....different than mine.
And yes. I said it; I HAVE BALLS!

If I didn't I wouldn't be writing this. I have rules between me and spirit and I've learned mine pretty hard knocks. Like:
     The Living must make contact with me first.
     If the dead are lurking - they are in my path to cross over.
     With this....lurkers avoid me.
     Because they know.  They are LURKING!

My brand of Medium is very different
than walking into a burger king with camera's behind me
shouting out all the non living movement. I don't know if I could handle that type of life and how different things would be if all of that was part of 'my gift'.

Because of the L.I.M phenomenon there have been a handful people that made it perfectly clear of their expectations of mediums. This is why I feel so compelled to write about it.

So for all of the intuitive, spirit junkie, psychic peeps in my circle this is for you:

Ladies and Gentleman,
Just like there are several different coffee chains and brands each and every one of us serve a different brand of medium and more importantly all of our gifts are unique to each of us.

How do I know this for sure?
Well, I have been emerged in the para science of this for quite some time now.
I have met, have had readings, hosted events with and studied with more than a handful "people like me."
Some of us have a combinations of several senses.  Others have one really strong one.
It depends on the Medium.

This is why I ask clients not to have any expectations.
If they tell me they want an experience like L.I.M
I tell them they should probably make an appointment with her then. I am not her.
I am me.
I have testimonials and science and clients to make me very aware that my life is amazingly my OWN reality tv show, paranormal circus and graphic novel set in action.

So let me take this moment to say knowing what I know
and doing what I do
I applaud the kind of BALLS it takes for L.I.M to do what she does cause this SHIT BE ROUGH!
And sad.
And heavy.
And no one really ASKS FOR THIS.

Crossing spirits over as well as removing dark energies from their hiding spaces is my forte.
Not letting everyone in the joint know they're being tailed by the dead.... I have my own set of rules, boundaries and yes, spirit knows.
I do not wish to operate under such conditions and I will not under any circumstance.
What I do is my own unique opportunity to LOVE if you will.
And I want to tell you about your grandmother and I want you to speak with her to know she is ok....
because I have respect for doing that part of this - my gift - too. I get it. I do - having lost over a dozen family and friends of my own.

Fun fact: Did you know that before I served as an intuitive medium  I worked in the entertainment industry; radio, TV, cooking shows, (2) documentaries,  and one film in California?
So let's make something very clear -what happened to someone else on TV is NOT what's going to be what happens with you unless you spend the time/resources to combine the industries :) making sure it is.

SO until then, thank you for letting me get that off my chest.
Thank You for being open.
Thank you for being positive.

Stay amazing.

Much love,


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