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You Probably Won't Like This.

I need to vent and I'm pre- empting this post stating it because you're probably not  going to believe or even like what I'm about to say but I have to get it off my chest.

I don't like Easter.
In fact, most holidays kinda crawl under my skin. It's not because I don't honor what they mean traditionally or religiously. I do. And...
I love Jesus.
In fact, I love him so much that I will go to bat for him and say there is NO WAY he'd declare war "in his name" on earth when his word was to love and yes, he'd totally be for gay marriage.
But,  I don't like Easter or majority of holidays because of the gross mockery society and  has made of "celebration and honor" in efforts to push retail sales and an economic agenda.
I was trying to convey this to my father this morning. I don't understand why, when I had a child, that meant somehow I'd  be forced to participate in the gigantic distribution of sugary sweets and or plastic toys …

Is happy to be.

Almost a year ago, I made a call to the universe in regards to finding a life partner.
I did what I thought best to do, law of attraction style and what all the 'relationship' coaches  had advised in their seminars and cds: I wrote all the qualities and awesomeness I could bring to the partnership out on paper and felt good about what I had to offer.  Then....
I wrote a list of all the qualities physical, emotional and spiritual  I want this person to have. I tucked it away in a drawer and only thought about it when the pangs of my heart twanged over relationship endings, new beginnings crashed and burned or the people who came forward were hungry for the story I could well, tell them about....them not 'share'. 
And of course I've learned quite a few lessons. Some of them louder than others.   Some, so emotionally hard, others physically & spiritually painful but each of them,  if even on a friendship/acquaintance level have definitely cracked me open with fla…