Bumping up your gratitude. Tithing.
Going beyond the pen and paper of your gratitude list
and diving head first into the act of giving back.

     Tithing = Giving BACK.

Sharing your abundance with those who have shared with you or have yet to share.

Tithing by root of the definition is giving one tenth of your income to charity, spiritual teachers or non profit organizations that you support.
This is the current definition.

Ye old Tithing ... however, by english roots is a Christian term
but it means just the same - giving a tenth of your agriculture
or your income to the church.
Heck, it's in the New Testament.  Genesis 14 to be precise.

However, since most of my clients, friends, neighbors and loves are not affiliated with a CHURCH
per say, I will continue to teach and enforce the concept of tithing to what it is they do believe in,
what they are passionate about or what will make their heart sing.

I encourage you to give today. Tithe.
I bet any day now, you may get your income tax return.
5-10% of that may be the food someone needs for a week.

There is much joy in giving.
If you don't have money to give, create, serve or invite
someone into your life so that you can share and receive.

Blessings to you and yours.



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