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Another letter from THE RABBIT HOLE

One thing that I've learned while ailing, is that
YOU have to really believe not only in yourself and your power,
but you also have to believe that the world is actually worth your sacrifices.
So there in lies a great question:
Is the world worth YOUR sacrifices?

Three nights ago the wind was so loud.
I was helping Sophia get out of the car
when we both noticed just how loud it was.
We took a moment and stood under a black, starless, cloudless night.
"Mommy there are monsters coming from the sky."
I responded "Yes dear. I know. They're coming."

Hours later a meteor hit Russia.

Yesterday morning I went to a healer.
Several hours after my amazing experience
I learned about Rabbit Medicine.
How Ironic says the woman who writes love letters from the RABBIT HOLE (Jim Thorpe).

So on the Eve of the Full Virgo Moon and without further ado.....

I present todays lesson:


A long time ago, Rabbit was a brave and fearless warrior.

One day, Rabbit befriended Witch.

Witch and Rabbit spent much time together sharing and talking. They grew very, very close.

One day Witch and Rabbit were walking along when Rabbit said "I'm thirsty."
Witch picked up a leaf, blew on it,
then handed Rabbit a bottle of water.
Rabbit drank the water but didn't say anything.
Then Rabbit cried "I'm hungry."
Witch took a stone, kissed it and changed it into a feast.
Rabbit relished the food!
But still, Rabbit didn't say anything.
Soon after,  the two climbed a mountain.
At the top, Rabbit tripped and fell rolling all the way to the bottom. Witch rushed to Rabbit's rescue and laid hands over Rabbit until Rabbit was healed.

After that day, it would be several weeks before Witch accidentally bumped into Rabbit on the street.
Witch had given up looking for Rabbit.
Rabbit wasn't anywhere and soon, Witch missed Rabbit terribly.

"Rabbit! Why are you hiding and avoiding me? Witch asked.
"Because I am afraid of you and your magic. Rabbit cowered.
"I am safer not knowing you. Leave me alone!"

"I see." Witch shrunk. "I used magic on your behalf and to save you.
Now you turn on me and refuse my friendship?"

"I want nothing more to do with your powers." Rabbit countered.
Rabbit did not see the tears welling in Witch's eyes. "I hope we never meet again." Rabbit finished.
"Rabbit! We were friends, companions even."
But Rabbit walked away.
Witch continued.  "You know it's within my power to destroy you,
but because I love you and because of what we shared together, I will not do such.
But from this day, you and your tribe will call your fears and your fears will consume you.
Keep on your way Rabbit. The sweetness that bound us has soured."

Shortly after, Rabbit was eaten by Eagle.
Rabbit's brother and sister were then eaten by Wolf and Snake respectively.

Lesson: What you resist will persist.  
What you fear most, you will become.

Now, I know what you may be thinking.
But Michelle!! You say you are not a Witch!
Well, you're right.


A huge shout to my dear friend Melissa and the beautiful people of The Clan of the Holy Stone, Rockamour Herbs and for all of my spiritual teachers who have shown the light on my eagle feathers.

I promise, and I am a girl of my word - when spring comes, this bird is ready to fly.


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