Sunday, February 24, 2013


     Bumping up your gratitude. Tithing.
Going beyond the pen and paper of your gratitude list
and diving head first into the act of giving back.

     Tithing = Giving BACK.

Sharing your abundance with those who have shared with you or have yet to share.

Tithing by root of the definition is giving one tenth of your income to charity, spiritual teachers or non profit organizations that you support.
This is the current definition.

Ye old Tithing ... however, by english roots is a Christian term
but it means just the same - giving a tenth of your agriculture
or your income to the church.
Heck, it's in the New Testament.  Genesis 14 to be precise.

However, since most of my clients, friends, neighbors and loves are not affiliated with a CHURCH
per say, I will continue to teach and enforce the concept of tithing to what it is they do believe in,
what they are passionate about or what will make their heart sing.

I encourage you to give today. Tithe.
I bet any day now, you may get your income tax return.
5-10% of that may be the food someone needs for a week.

There is much joy in giving.
If you don't have money to give, create, serve or invite
someone into your life so that you can share and receive.

Blessings to you and yours.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another letter from THE RABBIT HOLE

One thing that I've learned while ailing, is that
YOU have to really believe not only in yourself and your power,
but you also have to believe that the world is actually worth your sacrifices.
So there in lies a great question:
Is the world worth YOUR sacrifices?

Three nights ago the wind was so loud.
I was helping Sophia get out of the car
when we both noticed just how loud it was.
We took a moment and stood under a black, starless, cloudless night.
"Mommy there are monsters coming from the sky."
I responded "Yes dear. I know. They're coming."

Hours later a meteor hit Russia.

Yesterday morning I went to a healer.
Several hours after my amazing experience
I learned about Rabbit Medicine.
How Ironic says the woman who writes love letters from the RABBIT HOLE (Jim Thorpe).

So on the Eve of the Full Virgo Moon and without further ado.....

I present todays lesson:


A long time ago, Rabbit was a brave and fearless warrior.

One day, Rabbit befriended Witch.

Witch and Rabbit spent much time together sharing and talking. They grew very, very close.

One day Witch and Rabbit were walking along when Rabbit said "I'm thirsty."
Witch picked up a leaf, blew on it,
then handed Rabbit a bottle of water.
Rabbit drank the water but didn't say anything.
Then Rabbit cried "I'm hungry."
Witch took a stone, kissed it and changed it into a feast.
Rabbit relished the food!
But still, Rabbit didn't say anything.
Soon after,  the two climbed a mountain.
At the top, Rabbit tripped and fell rolling all the way to the bottom. Witch rushed to Rabbit's rescue and laid hands over Rabbit until Rabbit was healed.

After that day, it would be several weeks before Witch accidentally bumped into Rabbit on the street.
Witch had given up looking for Rabbit.
Rabbit wasn't anywhere and soon, Witch missed Rabbit terribly.

"Rabbit! Why are you hiding and avoiding me? Witch asked.
"Because I am afraid of you and your magic. Rabbit cowered.
"I am safer not knowing you. Leave me alone!"

"I see." Witch shrunk. "I used magic on your behalf and to save you.
Now you turn on me and refuse my friendship?"

"I want nothing more to do with your powers." Rabbit countered.
Rabbit did not see the tears welling in Witch's eyes. "I hope we never meet again." Rabbit finished.
"Rabbit! We were friends, companions even."
But Rabbit walked away.
Witch continued.  "You know it's within my power to destroy you,
but because I love you and because of what we shared together, I will not do such.
But from this day, you and your tribe will call your fears and your fears will consume you.
Keep on your way Rabbit. The sweetness that bound us has soured."

Shortly after, Rabbit was eaten by Eagle.
Rabbit's brother and sister were then eaten by Wolf and Snake respectively.

Lesson: What you resist will persist.  
What you fear most, you will become.

Now, I know what you may be thinking.
But Michelle!! You say you are not a Witch!
Well, you're right.


A huge shout to my dear friend Melissa and the beautiful people of The Clan of the Holy Stone, Rockamour Herbs and for all of my spiritual teachers who have shown the light on my eagle feathers.

I promise, and I am a girl of my word - when spring comes, this bird is ready to fly.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dec 10th, 2012

Dearest Rockell, 

What the fuck motherfucker!?

You know, I couldn’t talk to anyone else that way and right now, in retrospective. in honor of your birthday and NSSN
....I am  laughing so hard!

Dude Happy Birthday! Happy NSSN!  Merry Ho Ho....Oh yeah! And the world is ending according to the Mayans....but whatever. No "New Rock Emergency" Right? 
The show will go on!

Thank you for good memories pre holiday drama this time of year! Did I mention I miss you?

I'm not going to lie. This weather makes me miss San Francisco and California so much too.  Winter is going to be cold and a bitch. The warning signs are not screaming they are throwing grenades at us. But I digress.

It was NSSN tonight! How could your Spirit not be conjured? Your birthday is also tomorrow! Are you hanging out with your Dad and Dave?  Ten bucks you are!

Just in case you weren't aware, during my move last week, into the five story colonial with my own storefront, from a one bedroom apt,  and experiencing some pretty heavy crazy crap - your postcard 
(from your life celebration...)
 kept showing up everywhere, no matter where I purposefully placed it).....

Good one dude.

And then I as stood at my sink about to do the dishes on a monday am, waiting for coffee - there was the red bird.


In addition to the strong power of suggestion and because of the wheel of the year,
you're indeed in my dreams, on my mind,
& all over facebook!
So I am grateful! It's like doses of happy memories!

But I am wondering...
(Pardon the tears in my eyes.)
Did you help get me this promotion? 
If you did, Thank you.

OK last time, promise: I miss you so much. 
I have learned so much
since we last saw each other, the day you met my daughter
since we last emailed,
since we last talked
and through your passing,
about our relationship
about myself
and about
who I am today in light of such things.

Robin, you were one of my greatest teachers and mentors. 
You treated me like family because you knew I needed it. We had a special language and understanding even when we didn't...  
You always had my back.
Your laugh was one of the most contagious, courageous miracles I ever experienced.  
And I purposefully recall it especially to heal me in times of anxiousness.

Dude, Thank you for everything.
You made my life one million times better than what it was.

You can count on the fact that memories of NSSN and BFD swell my brain during the appropriate seasons. .....Like "That one time with Crazytown at The Phoenix)!

I have held and continue to hold 
all of our adventures, journeys 
and "OMG! WTF’S?’S" in the highest regards.

With great respect
I say 
See you soon dude.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

F It February Continues

As the new moon hit so did the  excruciating wrath of
my second kidney stone.  Coincidence?  There are none. 
My first physical attack was the full moon. But I supernaturally digress.

I spent yesterday leaning over the porcelain god praying 
(ok maybe begging) for peace. 
I asked Source for peace within in my body, for peace of my internal organs, my person, my mind and my spirit.
I asked for for divine flow (literally) and also for my daughter to not have to see or hear me in such dire straights again.
I just prayed for peace.

It's been three weeks since my hospital trip.
Three unreturned phone calls/messages to my doctor.
My insurance dropped. The urologist can't see me till next month....
But my outside circumstances will not dictate my well being.

Here's where F it February comes in.
F our health system. I have no faith in an industry run by big drug companies.
There is a lack of getting to the root cause of an issue and more of just dispensing
prescriptions to ease pain.  This is also happening currently with my father's health.
And while I was in an extreme amount of pain, I refused to go back to the hospital.
I knew that they wouldn't do anything more than give me a pain prescription and tell me be on the way.  
F it.

I called on FRIENDS to snatch up Sophia so that I could be alone with my process.
Grateful for their willingness and FLEXIBILITY.

Today I woke up without pain, able to hold down food
I do believe that without the help of
FRIENDS who took time to massage my kidneys, 
help me make some lemon water and
look after and care for my child, I'd still be in bed
holding on to my sheets for dear life.
I also was greeted by a neighbor
who brought a welcome gift, an art piece for my daughter called:
- of PEACE AND LOVE.  Check it out!

SO here's my thoughts.
If you don't have a Valentine, and you are writhing in emotional pain over it HONOR your FRIENDS who really go the F out of their way for you, who take the time to see you at your worst and give 
you to until they can't give anymore. OR do something nice for a stranger!  Pay for someone's toll or coffee - this neighbors act of kindness today really lifted my spirits.
If we become less entangled in the ever sought after romantic relationship and put a little more love into all of our relationships perhaps we'd have more fulfilling outcomes.
Just a thought.

F the Man.
In the time I've been on hold for my family Dr. to return my phone call or for a Urologist to see me,
I talked to a Nutritionist and my mother who gets kidney stones often to get a handle on what's to come or understand what kind of preventative measures I could take.
Since Kidneys filter blood, my nutritionist suggested
investigating the blood type diet. I started it. 
So I am lovingly F'ing Food - as my medicine.  
Understanding once again that I am the CEO of my own health.  
My health is not the effect of a broken system.

So that's where F it February continues.
Is this vulnerable enough for you?  Lift up your friends.
All of them.  Pour love and peace into your relationships.  You never know when you will need to make that phone call.
So F the Man, The Health System - whatever you want to call it.  Be the CEO of your own health. Listen to your intuition.
                                                      Listen to your body.

If I have learned anything being so uncomfortable it's that we really are all suffering.
THIS isn't something that I will take lightly anymore.  So if we can just give to each other small moments of peace, and wish for peace what a difference that could really make.

OK then.  Much love.
If you want to send an email - CLICK HERE.

If you want to write me a love letter, I welcome that too.
92 Broadway

Peace and love to you today,
your mind, your body and soul.
Mick G

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wanna F The F Out of February With me?

     Here we are! We made it to February, and while you are obsessing over the cold of winter or what the crap to do or not to do about Valentine's Day let’s try on something different together shall we?
     Let’s F the F out of February. 
   First, I’d like to say that no matter where you are, no matter what you are struggling with, or how wrapped up in day to day “stress” you may be, if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, if you don’t make time for loving yourself first, by being good to yourself – eating well, getting enough sleep, making healthy choices emotionally, physically and spiritually, then you truly are running the risk of…risking your life.  
You’re life is up to you.  You call it all in – all of your experiences.  

You are the center of your universe, no matter what experience you may be having, it is here to teach you.
     Processing illness has reinforced this entire phenomenon for me.  
I have made it a habit over the holidays to not eat right, to stay hidden in patterns that don’t serve me, and to conjure, and swim in a sea of excuses of, "it’s because I’m stressed out.”

     It’s only recently that I uncovered that doing these things politely hold me back from finishing my second novel and screenplay, that keep me out of loving partnerships, and comfortable in procrastination and delay are because my ego is gripped in FEAR.
I am afraid of more success.
I am afraid of loving someone, who is not my daughter, unconditionally.
I am afraid that I don’t have what it takes to really be committed to a healthier lifestyle for more than 60 days.
I am afraid of living my soul's deepest desires.

Whaaaaaat? You ask? 
I know, crazy right? I can talk to dead people, cross over souls, fight demons, and preach about how you shouldn’t be afraid of the unknown, but I am afraid of the unknown! 
So, the first Rule of F*ing the F out of February is to lovingly say “FUCK IT.” 
While I am in the thick of the May Cause Miracles Course Work, I can’t help but turn back to my own mentor and friend, Arlene Duggan, Medium and Psychotherapist who shared with me that the best prayer she learned while studying with the Franciscan Monks was simply to say Fuck it.
I am going to actively surrender to my fear to my loving inner guide by first saying: Fuck it. 
I mean, at the end of the day, what’s the point of being afraid? What’s the point of keeping myself from finding a romantic partner, or finishing my writing or living out my dreams? How does that fully embody a life preaching love and possibility?
It doesn’t.   That’s not walking my walk.  I’m limping at this point.  But it’s a good limp. I’ve got it down to a science. 

February 3rd, 2013.  No looking back.  I’ve put it in writing now. 
You, God, and the matrix of the Internet are bearing witness to this huge layer of onion that I am uncovering.  No more crutches.  NO FEAR!
What are you afraid of?  Let’s uncover fear together. 
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