Clear Negativity From Your Body.

January is that sweet opportunistic time for us to swear we are going to
finally loose the weight we've been yo yo'ing over or struggling with.
Or sometimes it's just about letting go of the unintentional or
intentional holiday excess that we've so politely loosened our belts for.

Now that we are two weeks deep into 2013 & we've touched on
how to take steps to energetically clear your home or your business space, let's talk about ways that you can gently and very much at your own pace
invite some of the those same principals into your physical being.

  I am guilty of it myself. This time of year, I'm cold and tired. I want coffee and hot chocolate. I want coffee with hot chocolate!  But it's imperative to keep water a top priority. Too much caffeine or liquids with artificial flavors, sugars and what not clog your energy as well as your natural blood flow. A lot of my clients complain of fibromyalgia, stiffness or complain that they can't focus. It's only after I get them to confess they they are addicted to diet soda that they get it!  So drink clear to be clear!
If you think it's too cold try hot water with lemon or decaffeinated tea to give your immune system a boost.



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