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Emergency Contact

Dearest Friends, 

Today I'm stepping away from the 
'How To' posts of the new year to share an intense experience. 
The last two blog posts dealt with clearing 
energy from your environment and body.  
As I have shared such with you, 
I've also practiced this in my own life in order to walk the walk.
But not only have I executed clearings in my new home and 
body, I've also put on my invisible scuba suit 
and jumped into the deep abyss of Mick G to 
uncover some heavy emotional blockages.

And, as the Law of Attraction attests, 
thoughts become things which brings me to - today.

In this recent self discovery work, I have made "removing blocks that no longer serve me" part of my daily prayer, 
especially while engaging in the coursework with 
Gabby Bernstien's new book: May Cause Miracles.

This week, I participated in an energy healing with a Native American Shaman to assist moving blocked energy along. 

Then, today, an enormous, painful, physical block uncovered when I…

Clear Negativity From Your Body.

January is that sweet opportunistic time for us to swear we are going to
finally loose the weight we've been yo yo'ing over or struggling with.
Or sometimes it's just about letting go of the unintentional or
intentional holiday excess that we've so politely loosened our belts for.
Now that we are two weeks deep into 2013 & we've touched on
how to take steps to energetically clear your home or your business space, let's talk about ways that you can gently and very much at your own pace
invite some of the those same principals into your physical being.

  I am guilty of it myself. This time of year, I'm cold and tired. I want coffee and hot chocolate. I want coffee with hot chocolate!  But it's imperative to keep water a top priority. Too much caffeine or liquids with artificial flavors, sugars and what not clog your energy as well as your natural blood flow. A lot of my clients complain of fibromyalgia, stiffness or complain th…

How To Clear Space Of Unwanted Energy

Greetings from the thick of 'Dead Season'
when cold nights make the floorboards creak
 and a cold breeze in the house makes you think twice about it's origin.

It's this time of year my phone rings with
many questions about how to clear negative
energy in one's home and or business.
So I'd like to share with you how
I perform a home clearing and invite you to
add more love, creativity and peace into your space.

Everyone's 'negative energy' in question is so very different. So whether you'd like to rid the air from what is left over of residual family holiday chaos or if you think your dead uncle Fred is setting up camp in your attic, the following tips will cover all bases.

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