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Greetings From The Shadows

It's dark season and snow magic has fallen upon this scenic, historic town.
Slippery walks and twinkling lights decorate the streets.
Strangers keep piling through my front door
searching for anything to bring them out of the cold.
I welcome them.

We are almost upon a brand new year.
Family and friends past have come to call.
The days have been packed with presents, cookies, music and what nots.
The full moon of course, had it's own agenda.

With 2013 a stones throw and a few hours away,
there is much anticipation of a clean slate, of new beginnings,
of resolution and resolve.

Tis the season! The full moon and snow magic are perfect for such things!
That being said, I encourage you to take the time today to give yourself the opportunity to say goodbye to what's no longer serving you and make a detailed list of the things you want to see come to life in the days ahead.
The sage, it burns tonight.
If you do not have some, throw sea salt at your doorsteps and over your window panes.
Ask for clarity and persistence to bring the things into your life that will move you to where you heart longs to be. But first, make space for those beautiful things by saying goodbye to what no longer serves you for your highest good.

So be it.

On a personal note;
I'm missing my family & those who were kept away in inclement weather or otherwise.
I am so very grateful for the time shared with those who have graced my doorstep
and those I ventured to see. Feeling lucky. So damn lucky.

To honor the dark season I have made some severe changes to my appearance and the way I will be conducting the business until Spring Equinox comes to call.
I'm thrilled about this, to duck behind holiday shadows and deeper into the dark season diving into  projects and business that beckon me.

But before I nestle myself away in the rabbit hole,
I want to acknowledge that I am ever so grateful for the love of my daughter, my family, my friends and my continued supporters. There was so much transition, death and loss this year  but community really rang through and keeps my heart singing.
What it taught me was that defenselessness really is weapon of love, that loving those closest to us is easy but loving those who hurt us the most is one of the greatest challenges and that no matter what status your relationship is everyone in your life is your soul mate because they serve as a divine mirror - reflecting back to you the good parts you like about yourself and vice versa.

To end this wild year, my internet security came into question. I've had to change passwords and entertain a few phone calls about why we may or may no longer be friends on different social media outlets.  Well, this reaffirms to me that we are not our status updates and our relationship online.  The inter-web is only one facet of this great big shiny life.
With a flashlight on this, I've asked my guides for meaning. There is a great need to strengthen real time relationships, connection and community in the living, breathing realm.
So with this breach,  I see quite an opportunity to do such things.
Don't worry, we are still very much 'friends' I am however in no rush to refriend over four hundred people that have left my list. It just seems maddening to reach out and declare what should be obvious.
I am just going to step away from my personal social media accounts,  for now, feeling a bit vulnerable but determined to smile at strangers and hug a little tighter in real time.

Goodbye 2012 and all it's bells, whistles,
Storms, social media mishaps, dirty soapsuds and bittersweet endings.
Thank you for the lessons, for the ride and the magic and miracles that keep us moving forward.
Hello 2013. Hello to taking even more leaps of faith, loving deeper and living with not one regret.

My friends, I am so very blessed to know you.
I am so very blessed to have you in my life and I am more than honored to be of your service.

Wishing you A Happy New Year.

I love you.


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