Dear Robin

.....I miss you.
It was NSSN. How could your Spirit not be conjured? 
Your birthday is also tomorrow.  Happy...well, today so it seems. Time is irrelevant. You taught me such things :)

R - During my move, in to my new house with the storefront 
= your postcard
 (from your life celebration kept showing up everywhere!!
 no matter where I purposefully placed it).

You have been in my dreams, 
on my mind, all over facebook.
I am in awe.

I'm also wondering a few things.
Did you help get me this promotion? This new house? In this primo local? I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and my point....
If you did, thank you.

Robin, I miss you so much.
Your laugh was one of the most contagious,
courageous miracles I ever experienced.  I try to call that in often J

Thank you for any and everything.
You made my life one million times better than what it really was. And holy shit you and I both knew it was hairy!
You saved me.

My thoughts of NSSN’s and BFD’s and our redic - adventures because of those events - always swell my brain this time of year.  
I hold all of our adventures, journeys and OMG WTF’S?’S in the highest regards
True story.

See you soon,


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