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Greetings From The Shadows

It's dark season and snow magic has fallen upon this scenic, historic town.
Slippery walks and twinkling lights decorate the streets.
Strangers keep piling through my front door
searching for anything to bring them out of the cold.
I welcome them.

We are almost upon a brand new year.
Family and friends past have come to call.
The days have been packed with presents, cookies, music and what nots.
The full moon of course, had it's own agenda.

With 2013 a stones throw and a few hours away,
there is much anticipation of a clean slate, of new beginnings,
of resolution and resolve.

Tis the season! The full moon and snow magic are perfect for such things!
That being said, I encourage you to take the time today to give yourself the opportunity to say goodbye to what's no longer serving you and make a detailed list of the things you want to see come to life in the days ahead.
The sage, it burns tonight.
If you do not have some, throw sea salt at your doorsteps and over your win…

Dear Robin

ahhhhh .....I miss you. It was NSSN. How could your Spirit not be conjured?  Your birthday is also tomorrow.  Happy...well, today so it seems. Time is irrelevant. You taught me such things :)
R - During my move, in to my new house with the storefront  = your postcard  (from your life celebration kept showing up everywhere!!  no matter where I purposefully placed it).
You have been in my dreams,  on my mind, all over facebook. I am in awe.
I'm also wondering a few things. Did you help get me this promotion? This new house? In this primo local? I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and my point.... If you did, thank you.
Robin, I miss you so much. Your laugh was one of the most contagious, courageous miracles I ever experienced.I try to call that in often J
Thank you for any and everything. You made my life one million times better than what it really was. And holy shit you and I both knew it was hairy! You saved me.
My thoughts of NSSN’s and BFD’s and our redic - adventu…

There IS always room at the top.

I love F words :)

Flexibility. It got me through the move
into our new home & business this week.
Every monkey wrench that was thrown,
including snow!  But I knew that somehow, no matter what,
if I could just stay grounded things would get done despite
people and circumstances I had no control over.

     Don't get me wrong, there were moments I wanted to pull out my hair especially when sparks flew out of electric sockets and doorknobs fell off leaving me trapped for twenty minutes in a room I couldn't get out of.
     But somehow deep down, I knew, that no matter how high the moving boxes were piled or how much cleaning I still have to do - nothing was/is catastrophic
and everything would be ok.

Be my mantra.

It's definitely working mentally and spiritually.
NowI just have to get my body to be in the same harmony.
Moving hurts!
My count is twenty two times since I turned 18.
Sophia and I have moved seven times since she was born.
I'd love to sem…