My Personal Serenity Prayer

     Going into the woods monday turning off the world to listen
to my soul and anything and everything spirit had to offer definitely peeled off two of the onion layers that had been quite ready to be tossed off my person!

     After six hours in conversation with the universe I joined thousands of students from the around the world in the Daily Love's week long extravaganza to peel off two more layers of the purple, yes, I am definitely a purple onion!
     And all of this in blessed conjunction with Deepak Chopra's 21 day meditation challenge,
 you can believe self revelation flew at me as if someone had loaded a tennis ball machine and just started shooting.  The balls that hit, are definitely hurting.

So I took notes.
I took pictures.
I cried.
I prayed, I'm praying.
I surrendered.
Then I took more pictures, I packed some boxes, took some more notes and fought back tears (yes there were happy ones too).
If these revelations are coming from the new moon or mercury retrograde, so be it.
I'm going to do what's best and forgive myself first.  Forgiveness returns us back to love.
Then I am going to extend that same grace to those currently in or out of relationship with me that
pull at my heart strings.
I love love.
I want to continue to love and it is my intention from this moment forward to love everyone, no matter what, with grace.

(oh and in no specific order :)

I didn't take pictures today. I didn't take notes. But I did show up to write a message to inspire you  - I am fully awake to wanting to inspire you to cultivate love in your life.  To relish joy within your own heart. (start local, go in!)
Ask questions. Then ask better questions. If you don't like the answers or the way you feel in this process change it.  Everyone wants to be happy.  It's the root of what are souls are truly looking for.

Keeping that in mind,  I move forward in the upcoming weeks hoping to be graceful as
big things are happening.
And in this moment, I am savoring the waiting. One of the beautiful lessons of this week.
Another lesson this week - with any transformation comes a natural anxiety. And I am a wee bit anxious in the unknown.
So to assist my journey through the last few layers of the purple onion that is my past, my present and uncovering more of my purpose and the upcoming holiday and days to come,
I created my own take, I remixed if you will -
The Serenity prayer.
Here it goes:


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