The Great Sandy Surrender

People keep asking me what I see or what my take on the storm is.
I'd like to share that for months I've dreamt and seen of New York under water. When the tornado hit off Long Island last month, I realized the possibility of weather and such events but knew it wasn't the exact magnitude of what I'd been feeling.

If this historical stormy experience has an upside
 I'd like to explore that in conversation with you now. 

Powering down.
Soon we will loose power. Reconnecting with the energy that is without electric energy is crucial.  
I fully believe that our technology is a double edge sword.  We are addicted to our social media, our cell phones, our TV's.  Without them panic sets in. Stepping away from such devices and writing a letter to a loved one or reading a book will give our souls something to feed off of.  
Silence sometimes can be the best medicine.

Welcome the holy instant in relationships.  
I have had the divine pleasure of hearing from as far as Hawaii, Florida, Paris, California and New York checking in and exchanging well wishes in light of the storm's warnings.  If you are feeling compelled to reach out to someone who you have not been in contact with for a while for whatever reason, please do so now.  
Welcome the opportunity for the rain to wash away pain and release any toxicity in relationship.
If you are being skeptical that's fine. But never miss an opportunity to apologize or at least exchange friendly hello's. 

Celebrate the Full Moon.
Samhain is moments away. The full (Blood/Hunters) moon rises tonight 
despite any clouds that may be obstructing your vision.  
Give gratitude for the good things that have come into harvest into your life.
Give gratitude for the small things in the dark season, in this stormy weather.
Whether its the water touching your lips or the smell of the candles holding light for you now is a great time pay respect for the gifts you have been given no matter what is happening externally. 
Peace from within will help maintain peace throughout.

Stay Present
While panic and anxiety in media and on the streets continues to grow with the exchange of storm damage photos and video, stay present to what your reality is.
Practice mindfulness.
Stay aware, alert.  
Relax. Stretch. Sit in silence and be one with the elements.

With that said, get creative. Go deep.  Do what it is that feeds your soul.
And when the sun emerges and Sandy has made her mark, we'll assess, process together and move forward with grace then.

My love to you and yours.  I am sending blessings from The Octopus' garden where we have emergency supplies, food and water for any and all of our friends who are in the Tri State area and have to evacuate.  As of 3pm today - it's only raining and the wind is slowly picking up.  There is light flooding and our electric is on.  :)

Be well.
Be safe.
Be great.


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