In Resistance I Found Rainbows!

For all the crap that I have been through,
to all the people who've been horrible
(which, the by the way, there is a huge difference in
calling someone out on their shit & being an absolute bully by the way) and to the naysayers and the gossipy doubters and the love resistors,
to all of that
I say, I scream:

I have definitely grown within, grown a pair of spiritual balls per say and am now manifesting the best possible results despite any and all of that.

Excited to be making really big moves and even bigger announcements by December 1st.
Coming off of a cameo appearance on my friends TV show feels like an exciting high.  What's brewing in the cauldron now as of 10am this morning is an absolute miracle.
And I have to admit, I love dealing in miracles.

Wishcraft & manifesting is something I am truly excited to share with all of those who are ready to change their language, clean up their side of the street and radiate the best possible love and light to all of those they come in contact with.  I know that as I continue on this path, the other side will always remind me of their rhyme or reason.  Touche and I will always pray for your holy instant.

Call me frazzled, flighty, airy, witchy...

I am madly in love with the way things are living at present.
As I sit here typing my ex partner reads a flyer I posted in the window of the coffee shop and walks on.  I am smiling.

Jim Thorpe is the community to which I belong.
I love my neighbors, my friends, my clients the people I share space with and love to "share".
I may seem or sound redundant but I am so happy to have gone through all the storms to get to the rainbow.  But the way I feel right now I know it's not the end. It's only the beginning and I can see rainbows for miles.

Peace from the B (Broadway),
Mick G


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