Speak Your Truth. Even If They Call You Crazy.


Being able to speak my experience and truth
about the paranormal plane  was an amazing
gift this weekend.

Friday evening I kicked off the lecture series at The Summit Hill Heritage Center.

The turn out and response has been more than amazing and overwhelming! 
I was asked to come back and deliver the message again.
     However, I had no idea that the venue itself was a church.  I stood from the pulpit and talked about seeing, feeling and being in between the veil. I answered questions on what’s beyond our physical existence and my personal experience of angels and demons. 
     I had an outline prepared. I played music before I went on. After I was introduced however, I just went raw and it felt amazing.
     I met some really great people and had some interesting conversations about their own experiences with death and beyond.
     I am excited to do this again!
     Saturday I promoted my first child, Witch Wolf? The Curse. During the book signing I connected with a woman who was a huge inspiration in the path I took. Marcia Evans was English teacher, senior year of high school. She had written an article called A Pearl Of Great Value published in The Readers Digest. It was about her not so easy journey and how she turned her struggle into a positive life. I was forever changed by her words. My college choice was influenced by her as well as the fact that I just wanted to radiate the beauty, love and wisdom that she did in her classroom and beyond.
     I was able to share this with her out loud with no shortage of tears.  Which means, I cried at my own book signing! 
     Then yesterday I sat in service able to reiterate and deliver some of the major points I hit on in my lecture Friday night to my clients:  READ MORE HERE.


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