My Big Fat Birthday Wish

When I stood up Monday night at Wheel to address family and friends I wanted to make it very clear of my intentions:
     My birthday event was not about gifts or games or anything but the deepest desire to have all of the people I love gather in one room and share smiles, laughter and love - over some delicious food and some great music of course!
     I wanted all of my friends to meet, well, all of my friends. Connection and lifting people up in order for them to evolve toward their best being is so important to me. It always has been.  Community is key.
     Bringing all corners of magical people in my life into one place was the best way I knew how to do this being I come from a heavy event planning back ground.
     Much to my surprise dinner was standing room only.
I'd like to thank Tom, owner & Executive Chef at Wheel for not only personalizing my party with writing on the entrance door but for baking the best cake & providing the best food and atmosphere a girl could wish for.  There were so many happy bellies!  We were all so much more than impressed.

And I truly got my wish. My friends laughed and loved each other and I was happy to swim in the experience.  Thank you to everyone who showed up and made the night remarkable.

I must also give HUGE HUGE love to Regina Nicolardi  an amazing woman
and photographer who took amazing shots for my upcoming book and website.  I have to say, I was a nervous wreck about all that lens focusing on me but Regina handled me gently and with so much care.
Mary Huber Harwood, did my makeup and hair.
This brilliant gal knew what I wanted and ran with it.
She was graceful, careful and a whiz at fake eyelashes.
She even stayed with a watchful eye and powder puff through the entire experience.
Which was great because my left eye was leaking the whole time!
If any bride to be needs a make up artist or photographer,
I would recommend these two goddess's hands down.
We really and truly had the best time.
There was nothing but fun and love and breathing out!
Thank you so much ladies for making me feel and look like a rock star.

Sentimental me.
Last year is gone.
I am stronger, thinner, READ MORE .....



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