Know Your Ghosts. And Your Truth. The End.

     In the past forty-eight hours I have been present to two of the most profound “ghost stories” my ears have ever been witness to.
 I am still processing what is and what could be with both.
     With permission I have asked to share what has been told to me minus names and great personalization.
Here it goes.
    A few years back, while in bed one night. Mr. X was slightly awoken to a presence in the room to which he was sleeping. He was paralyzed but able see a handful of shadow figures standing over him.  When he finally came to, completely aware and out of slumber, he immediately realized his body was lying on top of the bed horizontally not vertically and that the bed was properly made as if he didn’t climb underneath the covers to rest that night.  When Mr. X’s feet hit the floor he discovered the entire carpet, even the area beneath the bed to be soaking wet.  There was no leak in the ceiling, this room is in the top floor of the house and there was no sign of rain during the night.  I am going to stop there.
     If that had happened to me I’d most likely say the rosary for a good portion of the following six months.
     The next incident is very Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume (my favorite book) And I am honored to have witnessed this experience retold passionately to me.
     Mr. Y past away a little over a year ago.  His wife, who is still living, received an email from him September 1st, 2012.  Her birthday is the very next day. In it was his favorite picture of her nothing else. She is unsure of how or why this could have ever happen.
Well, I am sure .  And then again, no I am not. And that’s how I would like to segway into something right now in the present.
What is your truth?  What is THE TRUTH?  How many truths ultimately are there? Can there be more than one?
Sleeplessness, anger and overwhelm are penetrating the air. 
Stand firm in your core values that serve the greatest good.  Question everything to find out your truth because everything is possible.  Just please don’t forget in the process to get right with your maker or at least try.
Things are shaking up all across the board.  Demons and Angels battle through the next few astrological events hardcore.
After hearing those two stories in the past 48 hours and dealing with other pretty heavy paranormal events I can honestly say that I have seen some things of my own free will and some not.  And I can feel to my core that getting right with your truth may just be in order.

Good luck and stay blessed.


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