Be OK With NOT Being OK Today.

I am holding space today for those who have reached
out to share with me their physical, emotional
and spiritual happenings occurring as I type on this anniversary of 9/11.

If you are experiencing unusual physical symptoms like tightness of the chest, heavy breathing, bad taste in your mouth, sharp pain or if you are extremely over emotional and you have no idea why I need you to take a deep breath and just accept that you are indeed experiencing the reverberation, the echo, the imprint of spirit.

Please stay in light and take a moment to just accept that your consciousness is honoring the events that hit home for us a decade ago.  Do not try to figure out or label anything that shows up.
The human experience is united when we are empathetic to a negative situation.
However, do not let it consume your being.
Let it flow through you naturally as unnatural as it may seem.  Ask for healing.

I do believe that because of where we are in the wheel of 2012 that spirit is calling upon us in any way shape or form to let us know there is a much bigger picture than the reality at our fingertips and to politely remind us that we are all one. We are all connected despite our religious, political, spiritual, marital, economical or racial views. Perpetuating separation by holding judgement to any of the above does not encourage world peace.

BEING PEACE inspires and encourages world PEACE.

There is a great amount of healing we as a people, a nation, as human beings need to endure.
The simple solution but the hardest task it seems is to live from a place of love.

The following text is from Daily Meditations For Practicing The Course In Miracles.
   To Heal is To Recognize Our Unity With All Others.
What we have yet to understand and embrace is our connection to each other.
Because we continue to see individual bodies, we continue to experience individual comparisons. It's this perception of separateness of the subsequent inferiority or superiority one feel, that "sickens" the mind. A single prescription for any ailment: See only love and Oneness in God. It's that easy.
     How do we change the way we look at others? It's best to begin with ourselves.
Appreciating our own oneness with God (The Source, The Universe, The All, Goddess, Eck) gets us started.  Once we feel that connection, we can imagine connecting with others too. Then we must practice. With as much compulsion as we used to devote to judging others, we must now love others as ourselves.
I can help to heal the world by how I see my brothers and sisters today.

Heal within today so that the world around us will be healed too.
That is the best way we can show up with the "stuff" that is showing up today as we remember 9/11.


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