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Know Your Ghosts. And Your Truth. The End.

In the past forty-eight hours I have been present to two of the most profound “ghost stories” my ears have ever been witness to. I am still processing what is and what could be with both. With permission I have asked to share what has been told to me minus names and great personalization. Here it goes. A few years back, while in bed one night. Mr. X was slightly awoken to a presence in the room to which he was sleeping. He was paralyzed but able see a handful of shadow figures standing over him.When he finally came to, completely aware and out of slumber, he immediately realized his body was lying on top of the bed horizontally not vertically and that the bed was properly made as if he didn’t climb underneath the covers to rest that night.When Mr. X’s feet hit the floor he discovered the entire carpet, even the area beneath the bed to be soaking wet.There was no leak in the ceiling, this room is in the top floor of the house and there was no sign of rain during the night.I am going to s…

Speak Your Truth. Even If They Call You Crazy.

Being able to speak my experience and truth
about the paranormal plane  was an amazing gift this weekend.
Friday evening I kicked off the lecture series at The Summit Hill Heritage Center.
The turn out and response has been more than amazing and overwhelming! I was asked to come back and deliver the message again.      However, I had no idea that the venue itself was a church.I stood from the pulpit and talked about seeing, feeling and being in between the veil. I answered questions on what’s beyond our physical existence and my personal experience of angels and demons.      I had an outline prepared. I played music before I went on. After I was introduced however, I just went raw and it felt amazing.      I met some really great people and had some interesting conversations about their own experiences with death and beyond.      I am excited to do this again!      Saturday I promoted my first child, Witch Wolf? The Curse. During the book signing I connected with a woman who was a…

Be OK With NOT Being OK Today.

I am holding space today for those who have reached
out to share with me their physical, emotional
and spiritual happenings occurring as I type on this anniversary of 9/11.

If you are experiencing unusual physical symptoms like tightness of the chest, heavy breathing, bad taste in your mouth, sharp pain or if you are extremely over emotional and you have no idea why I need you to take a deep breath and just accept that you are indeed experiencing the reverberation, the echo, the imprint of spirit.

Please stay in light and take a moment to just accept that your consciousness is honoring the events that hit home for us a decade ago.  Do not try to figure out or label anything that shows up.
The human experience is united when we are empathetic to a negative situation.
However, do not let it consume your being.
Let it flow through you naturally as unnatural as it may seem.  Ask for healing.

I do believe that because of where we are in the wheel of 2012 that spirit is calling upon us …

My Big Fat Birthday Wish

When I stood up Monday night at Wheel to address family and friends I wanted to make it very clear of my intentions:
     My birthday event was not about gifts or games or anything but the deepest desire to have all of the people I love gather in one room and share smiles, laughter and love - over some delicious food and some great music of course!
     I wanted all of my friends to meet, well, all of my friends. Connection and lifting people up in order for them to evolve toward their best being is so important to me. It always has been.  Community is key.
     Bringing all corners of magical people in my life into one place was the best way I knew how to do this being I come from a heavy event planning back ground.
     Much to my surprise dinner was standing room only.
I'd like to thank Tom, owner & Executive Chef at Wheel for not only personalizing my party with writing on the entrance door but for baking the best cake & providing the best food and atmosphere a girl c…