The River Rebirthed Me.
     Beneath the floor in which I sit, in my new office,
water rushes to the Lehigh River.  It whispers to me in between clients, hugs and smiles.

   In meditation last week I caught a glimpse of events that would place when I agreed to an adventure on the River with friends.

    Mind you, I’ve been foul.  I hate to admit it out loud that I’ve not in the best mood what so ever lately since free hugs and big love is my daily mantra.  I have a laundry list of reasons, none of which are earth shattering to anyone but me and physically, I have been experiencing some really intense pain.  But nonetheless, I was hoping that time on the river would wash away my sadness, my madness and the separation anxiety both Sophia and I had been experiencing.
The trees politely reminded me that as the days events would unfold there would be much more than rafting to engage in.  The mass amount of dragonflies did the same.

As captain and rudder of our river vessel, I said silent prayers and asked for Spirit to make such matters more clear.  “Observe.”  Was what I heard.

Sure enough, someone in our boat was tossed out in a large rapid.  She hit her head on a rock. My heart raced.  My friend Dave and I jumped up and pulled this woman back in.  He, being the magical being he is, immediately sent healing to the lump on her forehead.
I, with my huge ass stuck at the bottom of the raft said took a moment to laugh and silently say, “thank you.”
In a flash I was reminded that nothing is guaranteed.
Not our safety for as much as we prepare, not our love and definitely not our life. I called in gratitude and asked the river to wash away the bad-itude I had been toting around.  I pleaded for release.
Fortunately for me, I have magical friends.  The kind that knows when I’m not smiling they eagerly lend themselves to humor or heal me. For this I need not ask and I’m truly blessed.
But I did ask this time. I asked for healing and rebirth and for this pain and illusion to be lifted.  The universe responded with a river adventure and many lessons on its rapids.
There were a handful of earth angels that came to call - strangers that offered divine wisdom and one that brought reiki healing.
Sunday I received healing.  The pain was so incredible.
 I cried.  I let go of so much emotional garbage and asked for clarity.
The rest of the day was tough.  It felt as if I ran a marathon but I knew my body needed to be wrung out.
Today I am reborn.  The water runs beneath me and I smile deeply inside knowing that no matter what, the universe has my back.
Coming to the end of my thirty something year of existence.
I’m excited to review the past 12 months as one long ass learning process.
Despite it’s rollercoaster ups and downs, I’m still standing.
I’m here. I’m reborn a little bit wiser now minus
rose-colored glasses armed with discernment and I’m ready to touch the sky.


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