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Frog Medicine

Baseball bats thrown.  Predictions made. I am biting nails, tongue and fading into black.
There are brief moments that I want to come out swinging - at least punching the air.  My weekends are roller coasters of life altering events. 
I am in need of cleansing - spiritually, physically, emotionally.  
My hair isn't the only thing out of place from the ride.

Beautiful Sage invited me in her garden to pray.
She handed me a frog that only I could see.

So I ran like a school girl  to my library and turned to the page of my Indian Medicine Card Guide to find this:

Frog is a symbol of shamanism.
 Frog teaches how to "jump" from one level to another - from materialism to spirituality, and from one teaching to another, and to find the connection between them.
The frog emerges at adulthood from a water environment (world of fluidity) to that of Earth (solidity and security). 
 Frog can help you to acclimatize to a new way of life or to just a new viewpoint -harmonizing you with any new situation. 
Frog is replenishment, cleansing - the nurturing of self - with taking care of yourself. 
It can help you to get rid of any negativity and to replenish your mind and spirit.
Frog can help you to wash away ideas and impressions that might be impeding your development. Frog can help you to take the plunge to have the courage to set out on a new endeavor and to accept the new way of life that goes with it.  
Bring in the rain. Tears cleanse your feelings. Refill with well-being.

Not even eleven minutes later, the sun filled sky turned into a dark grey downpour.  
I felt heard and received. 

It's Sunday night. A lot has transpired since the Frog Medicine was gifted to me friday.  
At a house party for friends I haven't seen in near eight months, Kermit the Frog showed up. (in antique and country decor!)
 As did conversation and ideas of alternate universe's and such.  Our case last September came up.  Ironically, I told the story of it the day before while at the Emporium of Curious Goods. But I digress. Saturday evening with my goonies was a momentous event filled with talks of otherworldly stuff and the  realization and dangers of said stuff..

Saturday I became privy to a piece of evidence witnessed by three men in our group.  Each of their stories about this piece of evidence and how it was acquired are identical.  I was skeptical of what they were saying but it sounded like they were explaining a scene from the TV show Supernatural. Hence my blood started to boil.  "You know what you are telling me is not good right guys?"  
I saw in a flash on my third eye - another set of events that I experienced this past January and I got motivated.

With that said, I will be speaking on the dangers/side effects of Paranormal Investigating and what people really need to know - 
September 14th at The Summit Hill Heritage Center.  That's how inspired I am about the intensity of events that have just taken place behind the scenes of the blog this past weekend.

I am looking forward to sharing why it's not ok to toy with this kind of lifestyle unless you really have a stomach to take on the unknown and explore how I have come to know that everything is possible.

It's late. I'm so exhausted and ready to dream bigger for tomorrow.

Peace and love, 
Mick G


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