Blue Moon Blues

Blame it on the
Blue Moon.
Or not.

The current wave of
over emotion you are experiencing
is a reoccurring
dramatic theme
not just in the air.
No one feels
100% themselves.
Something physically
or everything mentally seems to hurt.

I bet in the last week or two you have wanted to crawl out of your own skin and become you from six months from now - a shinier, happier version of things that aren't well, present and tucked safely into 2013.

You are not alone!

Everyone I come in contact with seems to be experiencing deeply profound earthquakes within themselves.
Even the smallest of infractions are setting people off on a downward spiral of depression.
Not to mention the mass amount of bullshit spewing because it's an election year,
the violent weather patterns and the incessant doom of our economic climate - all being factors.

And speaking of the year, (CONTINUE)


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