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knock knock, it's the reaper

The funny thing about being in business with death is...I'm in business with death.

It's all around me.
Inevitable even when it's shocking. Obvious even if the kids are out just having summer fun.

I heard the beetle scratching it's legs. Then another landed on me. I smelled sulfur and choked.  I ignore the signs keeping my head held high toward the miracles in between.  Death's been dancing in the streets and I've been avoiding him like the plague.

In an attempt to quiet my mind for thirty minutes today, among the chaos and rubble
the hooded cloaked figure appeared next to me as I found myself on an unfamiliar platform watching bodies board a futuristic, silver train. Then there was a familiar face....
Within a second of everyone boarding from the opposite platform, the train made an exhaust sound then departed like an amusement ride. Quickly it launched downhill into a huge black hole.
That one familiar face turned, starring back at me blankly like she knew it was coming too.

Death met me in meditation, slapped me a high five then pointed me to the exit sign.
It's the first time I was up close and personal to the faceless figure at least, that I know of.
There were groupies, white skeleton type figures that were smaller and unpleasant to look at that chased me out of the meditation. I found myself running for cover away from these things
 gunning toward my 'safe place' begging my inner guide to put the Jedi bubble of protection around me and bring me back safely to my body.

With all of the transformation taking place within the temple of my own
body and the walls of my everything it's no wonder the beetles have erupted.

But never in my years of getting up close and
personal with strangers who have left the building
have I been in the presence in meditation or otherwise of the cloaked, faceless wonder.  Oy.

Deep breaths.

Change is inevitable.
Death is a constant variable.

If anything my loves, don't be frightened.
Be wide awake for every moment
of every breath you inhale.
Be present. Drink lemonade. Smile a lot and
Be love.

Death will be knocking regardless.


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