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I could die happy! Since I almost did twice today.

I know a thing or two about a witch or two in Jim Thorpe (and beyond).
I’ve met a few new one’s today. 
     One of the newly budding Daughters of the Goddess said clearly that she is a ‘Christian Wiccan’.  
“Well golly!” I smiled.  “I do believe with everything I've been through that I also take the Goddess with a side of Jesus too!”

Yet another had asked me later in the day  “I’m sorry what do you mean by Goddess?” 
To which I replied “while most faiths have male based deity, Earth based theologies celebrate an equal creator; SHE.

These holy encounters I was blessed to have threw a past flash at me. I remembered electronic hub-bub over my recycled glass, Jesus mural in January and the mystery of the red, not so fairy dust that needed to be sifted through emotionally, social media wise and what not.  Jesus has touched me quite a bit since then. And in this moment, from where I sit right now I can honestly say; Jesus is my brother.  That mural opened a conversation that I needed to have with him to understand fully that we are born of the earth sent from the divine realm. 
 Fear separates us. Love brings peace. 

Call me whatever. What you fear in me, you fear in you.   I’m a good person with a good heart and great intentions. By no means what so ever am I perfect. I am human and fuck up often. 

Speaking of fucking up, I almost had two major accidents today.  One while driving and another as a decorating malfunction.  
My heart skipped a handful of beats both times. It was intense. 
I questioned if today, was going to be my last day on earth since 
within an hour my physical safety was threatened on such a level.
Since I ask for my signs in threes. I was hoping there wouldn’t be a third opportunity that was worse and possibly more lethal than the previous. 

As the day went on I awoke to appreciating all the minor details even more. I even became so grateful I was wiped out that I sent blessings to everyone around me on the street or otherwise.
Today I served for the first time in my new space. I turned to the course in miracles prayer for July 29th from a book I found where my office now is and it read:
July 29th New Beginnings.
And so I leave you with an ultra cheesy, oh my god my life flashed before me twice and yes indeed this is a new beginning gratitude list.  Let me first acknowledge Jesus, God & Goddess because today I understood fully that the universe had my back.

Cheesing in 3..2..1

     I love Sundays. I love today all of it from start to finish. Happy endings are awesome! I love connecting with people, serving and inspiring transformation. I love smiling at strangers, complimenting them and holding space for them in a deep hug.
     I love children, laughter and lightning.  I love greeting someone you haven’t seen in a long time with a kiss… unexpectedly.  I love giving thank you cards, books and writing. I love being organized with purpose. I am stoked for fact that I’ve embarked on a new journey on a pirate ship made of silk and sari’s. Seriously, there’s water beneath my new office and it makes me feel like I am floating! 
Food is awesome. So is earl grey tea.  Driving my car makes me happy. Katie Perry’s album makes me happy. I love all of my amazing peers and friends who showed up to make my new space happen, community really inspires me.
I melted over the fact that my kid asked her father to roll down the car window so she could blow me a kiss goodnight tonight.  This makes me complete.  She followed that amazing statement with “because my heart always knows it’s way home.” 
Finally, I got to spend time with someone I’ve been dying to connect with and it was rediculously brilliant. With that said if I died this moment I would die at peace because :

I lived my truth.
I loved regardless of labels because I get it. Once you see past all that and make love a priority you will find a path to peace (x3).
Jesus said so.

Believing in magic and miracles,
Mick G


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