A Blog, A Baptism & A Prayer

Today I went public with my relationship status. I am in a relationship with Spirit. 
I know, what you're thinking... thank you captain obvious. 
However, it was a way to declare my personal contract. I've been in business with death and the otherworld for quite some time now but recently I've surrendered further (Thank you Spirit Junkie) to deepen my service, to inspire others and truly live in love. 

Hours after I posted on Facebook, Spirit lovingly responded by guiding me to a beautiful place in nature I had never fully experienced before to then perform my first (impromtu) baptism.
Congratulations Annie Steward.  I am happy to have been of your service. 
I love and cherish your spirit & your entire radiant being.  You truly are a vessel of light and you inspire me every day.

Today's personal mission for me was to spend my day in peace & forgiveness. That led me far away from office hours at Venus & The Moon & deep in to nature. Forgiveness kept me grounded there as I hiked through the water itself and off the trail aiming to set the hell out of my recharge button. Since surrendering in meditation last week, shit hit the fan. Pouring love over the massive amount of ego and fighting taking place in & around this shit was necessary.

Mastin from The Daily Love blogged moments after personal storms erupted: Time & time again, whether we are consciously or unconsciously walking on The Path, the shit will hit the fan. Our limited perspective from our minds will want to see moments like this as bad, negative and horrible. It's only natural. When something tragic, unplanned or painful happens, it makes total sense to see that event as a negative. BUT - because we have NO idea what is going to happen in the next moment or in the next year as a result of these seeming disasters, we cannot, if we are tapped into Love, label them as bad, negative or disasters.
EVERY time something has gone to shit in my life, it's turned out even better.  This is because I choose to see every seeming disaster as 
Grace and then take empowered action from that place of thinking.
Consider that when things are falling a part in your life that it is actually Grace and celebrate the end of a chapter in your life and ride the wave so you can be reborn, smarter, wiser and with even more Love and Understanding in your heart.

Today I went public with my relationship status, I baptized another human being in the name of Love & Spirit & as I type, I celebrate peace and forgiveness by welcoming endings as new beginnings. I choose peace.  I choose grace. I choose love.

I'd like to conclude with a releasing, meditative prayer from Spirit Junkie. I am not alone right now. Quite a few people in my circle are experiencing their own shit hitting 'the fan'. 
Help is on the way if you surrender. Surrender the outcome, surrender your ego's fears & projections then wrap yourself & the entire sitch in L.O.V.E.

If shit has hit the fan in your life I encourage you to hold the situation & or person or people involved as a loving image in your minds eye.  
Ask for the white light of the Universe to flow through you as you breathe & release.
Breathe In: I choose to see you as love.
Breathe Out: I release all fearful projections.
Breathe In: Only love is real.
Breathe Out: I call on forgiveness to heal.
Breathe In: I ask for release
Breathe Out: I see you as love
Breathe In: I see me as love.
Deep release on the last breath out.  

Loving you, 
Mick G


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