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I could die happy! Since I almost did twice today.

I know a thing or two about a witch or two in Jim Thorpe (and beyond). I’ve met a few new one’s today.       One of the newly budding Daughters of the Goddess said clearly that she is a ‘Christian Wiccan’.   “Well golly!” I smiled.  “I do believe with everything I've been through that I also take the Goddess with a side of Jesus too!”
Yet another had asked me later in the day  “I’m sorry what do you mean by Goddess?”  To which I replied “while most faiths have male based deity, Earth based theologies celebrate an equal creator; SHE.
These holy encounters I was blessed to have threw a past flash at me. I remembered electronic hub-bub over my recycled glass, Jesus mural in January and the mystery of the red, not so fairy dust that needed to be sifted through emotionally, social media wise and what not.  Jesus has touched me quite a bit since then. And in this moment, from where I sit right now I can honestly say; Jesus is my brother.  That mural opened a conversation that I needed …


Celebrating a year anniversary since the release of Witch Wolf? The Curse.  The sort of true story of my childhood and how I creatively chose to deal with my (demons) bullies.  
This morning in meditation, reflection of how I came to town, remembering events that took my life in an amazing new direction of possibility and service to the community. I recalled when the phone rang 6am, July 16th.
My mom was freaking out "You picture is huge on the front page of the Times News".  Having my picture on the front page was so much more than being in every news stand in Carbon County. It was also having my picture in my neighbors homes, of peoples homes in close radius that were strangers who I may run into at the grocery store. 
All at once I got a lot of "Do you remember Me's?"  I hadn't the first clue...
The front page picture was more than me posting the release of my book on my Facebook wall. It was so much more than crazy sexy diet inspired me, with hair ext…

knock knock, it's the reaper

The funny thing about being in business with death is...I'm in business with death.

It's all around me.
Inevitable even when it's shocking. Obvious even if the kids are out just having summer fun.

I heard the beetle scratching it's legs. Then another landed on me. I smelled sulfur and choked.  I ignore the signs keeping my head held high toward the miracles in between.  Death's been dancing in the streets and I've been avoiding him like the plague.

In an attempt to quiet my mind for thirty minutes today, among the chaos and rubble
the hooded cloaked figure appeared next to me as I found myself on an unfamiliar platform watching bodies board a futuristic, silver train. Then there was a familiar face....
Within a second of everyone boarding from the opposite platform, the train made an exhaust sound then departed like an amusement ride. Quickly it launched downhill into a huge black hole.
That one familiar face turned, starring back at me blankly like she knew i…

A Love Letter From The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit hole in Jim Thorpe
down which I peek
I see layers and layers of
movie screens
with many different characters
I hear music at every corner
In the trees, in the breeze.......

People always ask me what it is I see or what I feel in certain rooms....or places when they first meet me or when they find out "what I do."

I had a man on the street yell kind a loud and say "you're supposed to tell me something important."

I thought for sure he was fucking with me because he was not sober.

90% of the time, during the initial inquiry
and before I can breathe or blink an eye in response to said inquiry
the person will continue speaking
- offering up what they think it is that  I am about to say.
Or they project what they think I am feeling.

Everyone has an interpretation of what it is "they think" I should do
or say, or see
or best yet -  what my delivery should be
And as my friend said it so very wisely today
- everyone has their own agenda for me.


A Blog, A Baptism & A Prayer

Today I went public with my relationship status. I am in a relationship with Spirit. 
I know, what you're thinking... thank you captain obvious.
However, it was a way to declare my personal contract. I've been in business with death and the otherworld for quite some time now but recently I've surrendered further (Thank you Spirit Junkie) to deepen my service, to inspire others and truly live in love. 

Hours after I posted on Facebook, Spirit lovingly responded by guiding me to a beautiful place in nature I had never fully experienced before to then perform my first (impromtu) baptism.
Congratulations Annie Steward.  I am happy to have been of your service. 
I love and cherish your spirit & your entire radiant being.  You truly are a vessel of light and you inspire me every day.

Today's personal mission for me was to spend my day in peace & forgiveness. That led me far away from office hours at Venus & The Moon & deep in to nature. Forgiveness kept me grounded…